Commissioning For Church Leaders

By Ron French

Acts 6:1-7 Delegation…..

I thank the Lord for leaders like these that are Faithful and have a Desire to do the work and will of God in their life!! In essence I am multiplying my ministry in their hearts and lives…! Since I
as Pastor am entrusting these capable leaders with the respective Departments under their care, when you have a problem with a Dept., go to that Dept. Leader who will in turn work with me. They will maintain close communication with me through a Weekly Tag-In (which you have seen on Wed. nights), and a Monthly Planning Council, It’s with delegated leadership like this that I believe we will experience even greater results in this end-time…

* Call each Director and spouse to stand across the front of the church as you mention each Department (Including T.C.G. Secretary an 1st Lady of the church).

Church Growth Coordinator (Assist. Pastor)- Bro. Tim Clark

Church Division

Church Growth Sect. – Sis. Gregory

Ladies Auxiliary Dept. – Sis. Cindy Martin

New Convert Care Dept. – Sis. Barbara

Men’s Ministries Dept. (Assist. Pastor) – Bro. David Bragg

Music Dept. – Bro. Nathan Clark

Youth Dept. – Sis. Teresa

Evangelism Division

Sunday School Dept. – Bro. Roger Baker

Outreach Dept. – Bro. Anthony Harden

** Have a few testify about T.C.G. and their Dept?

Giving Of Charge

I am now going to ask each of you leaders to pledge yourself, to the best of your ability, to the following charges for the next 12 months – which is the term of your office.

1. Do you accept the charge to maintain the qualifications for church membership faithfully supporting the church with your tithe and offerings?

2. Do you pledge to work in harmony with others?

3. Do you pledge to maintain a compassion and burden for the souls of people?

4. Will you be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties, remembering that inconsistency breaks down fervency, commitment and desire?

5. Will you be an example to the church in spiritual growth by endeavoring to come at least one-half hour before each service to pray?

6. Will you be an example to the church in faithfulness by endeavoring to attend all church services and functions?

7. Will you be an example to the church in soul-winning by being continually involved in the Home Bible Study ministry, or some other form of outreach ministry?

8. Will you pledge your loyalty to your Pastor and also to your fellow Dept. leaders in word, deed, and attitude always upholding the Pastor and Leadership in all conversation?

9. Will you pledge to maintain your family requirements in accordance with scriptural requirements?

Now the church will stand and we will pledge our support and prayers to the church leadership.

Pray For Leaders Now

(The above material was provided by Whitehaven UPC, Memphis TN.)

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