Common Problems of New Converts

Common Problems of New Converts
By Mike Rio

Let’s be aware of our new babes in Christ! They need special CARE and ATTENTION to survive and grow to maturity so they can ultimately “reproduce” themselves in Christ. The following is a list of some of the reasons why many new converts who could survive, don’t survive:

1. Inability to pray and study the Word as they would like to.

2. A feeling of discouragement in not being able to be a “Super-Christian” overnight.

3. A lack of knowledge for sharing the gospel and tact in giving their testimony.

4. Misunderstanding and/or ridicule from worldly friends.

5. Pressure and scare-tactics from anti-Pentecostals: especially nominal “Christians” and churches.

6. A failure to understand the importance of attending services.

7. Strong resistance from members of their immediate family.

8. Confusion concerning right and wrong in regard to bad habits.

9. Struggles in overcoming temptations in satanic opposition.

10. A tendency to rely on feelings to determine their standing with God.

11. Impatience in allowing God enough time to direct them into a Christian service.

12. Etc!

They NEED you! Congratulate them. See that they receive a warm welcome into the family of God. Give them appropriate tracts and church literature. Enroll them in a home Bible study and a new converts course. Accompany them to services and be sure to greet and sit with them. Include them in your social life. Pray with and for them. And above all BE A CLOSE FRIEND!

“Common Problems of New Converts.” By Mike Rio.