Complete Prayer Clock

Author Unknown

1. Praise
Psa. 22:3, Psa. 63:3, Heb. 13:15
Begin all prayer with praise. Whatever your ultimate goal may be, first praise God. In praise, you esteem God for greatness and virtues. Jesus, in His example to us, taught us to begin prayer with praise, “Our Father which art in heaven.”

2. Forgiveness
Matt. 6:14-15
Nothing will block your spiritual progress more fatality than an unforgiving spirit. Forgiving is a complete, pouring out of any feelings that might have developed against anyone during the day. Even a small ‘root of bitterness’ will grow quickly into a serious problem.

3. Confession
Psa. 139:23-24, Psa. 66:18
Early in the complete prayer clock, we deal with sin. Un-confessed sin is the greatest hindrance to prayers. Rid yourself of sin by confessing and seeking forgiveness and you will clear the road for powerful praying. Petition

4. Petition
James 4:2-3, Matt. 6:9-13
“Ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask and receive not because ye ask amiss.” This aspect of prayer deals with our personal needs. You may feel confident to pray for your personal needs. Jesus wants you to do it; and His heart is open to your needs. Petition is included in the Lord’s Prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

5. Intercession
I Tim. 2:1-2, Matt. 9:37-38
Intercession is praying for the lost and involves the most intense dimension of prayer. Intercession is God’s love flowing through us. You can expect the power of God to be released in this form of prayer.

6. The Word
II Tim. 3:6
It may surprise you to hear the suggestion that you should read the Bible during prayer. However, the word is enlightening to the eyes. (Psa 19:9). When you read the Bible new possibilities are made clear. Although ‘prayer time’ must not become ‘study time’ a brief moment of scripture reading is vital to complete prayer.

7. Meditation
Psa. 1:1-2, Psa. 77:12
In meditation, you ponder on the spiritual themes of God’s word and spirit. By meditation, you will experience a rich understanding into the depth and beauty of God’s promises. This understanding will broaden and expand your praying as well as your entire life.

8. Thanksgiving
Phil. 4:6
Although Thanksgiving should be sprinkled throughout your prayer, plan to spend a special period of thanking God out loud for all the things in your life.

9. The Word
The word of God is brought into prayer twice. A brief period of reading the word first, however, now you ‘pray the word’.

10. Singing
Psa, 100.2. Eph. 5:19
Singing refreshes and comforts the soul and one of the greatest thrills of singing is to sing in the Holy Ghost – a new song’ during prayer

11. Listening
I Kings 19.11-12
Prayer is not all talking to God. It also involves listening. Listening is different from meditation. When we listen we receive direct orders from God’s Spirit.

12. Praise
Matt. 6:13
We conclude every prayer session with praise. Again we exalt the nature of God.