Counseling Session Concerning Ministry Call

In Ref.: Counseling Session Concerning Ministry Call

Dear Brother:

Christian greetings in Jesus Name! This is to tell you how great it was to sit down and visit with you about your past life, your burden and your call. It was very interesting and I could sense your sincerity.

Let me say that all of us appreciate you and your precious wife and daughter. You are valuable to our church and important to God’s work.

I have prayed for you and observed you closely over the years since you started coming to our church. As you know, I have not tried to push you, but rather, I have simply tried to challenge you and be a pastor to you.

A while back the Lord impressed me there was something further He had for you. You began making fresh and new consecrations and became more involved in the church. I could sense there was a call in your life.

Almost simultaneously when I planned to talk to you, you came to me and stated that you wanted to talk to me about something, and “things just clicked.”

You will recall us talking about this. Since then when we have discussed it briefly on two occasions and then the counseling session, I feel things are now in place to pursue a path to further your qualifications and preparations.

I am sure by now you can see that I am committed to helping those who have a call and are committed to investing in that call personally, spiritually and physically. It is work and will take time.

Here is a list of things that we will do to start the course of action.

1. I will get you the list of things that are required for reading, et cetera to qualify for Local License.

2. I will try to help you fulfill the preaching requirements of averaging once per week over a six month period of time. This can be
done through nursing home services, youth services, street services, jail services, regular services, preaching out, et cetera.

3. I will use you also from time to time in leading services, leading songs, teaching, preaching, etc. I want you to learn and feel
comfortable with every aspect of spiritual ministry.

4. When you do teach or preach always deal with subjects in the realm of faith, encouragement, soul-winning, loyalty, faithfulness, et cetera. Stay away from subjects that deal with rebuke and judgmental things. Leave those to the Pastor. I want the people to love, respect and receive you.

5. Stay active in every area of church life. Be involved as a practical and balanced “people person.”

6. Be supportive of all the ministry and leadership of the church. Never receive criticism against any other minister, leader or Pastor.

7. Be “cautious of compliments” that seem to pit you against others by comparison. These are even more dangerous than criticism. They deal with your ego.

8. Keep a daily journal of your spiritual perspective, leadings and feelings. This will make you more effective and tender to God’s Spirit.

9. Keep a daily diary of your activities. You will be able to see where you are headed.

10. Keep a calendar of when and where you preached; the subject and text and the basic results.

11. Always show an interest when others are preaching. Remember to compliment the things that help you.

12. Pray in the altar with those who come to pray. Show the church by your example your desire to be a blessing in all aspects. Be an obvious worshipper.

13. Remember, there is no lack for preachers in the local church. Any time you are allowed to preach or teach, it will mean that the
“opportunity” was provided for you. As you are faithful in the other things, your ministry will be better received.

14. Never miss church without a good reason and communicate that to leadership.

15. Attend special meetings that will enhance your life, ministry and goals.

16. Give to every aspect of the church, even if it is only a small amount. Tithe, General, Building Fund, Home Missions, Sunday School, Foreign Missions, et cetera. Demonstrate a balanced burden. Reasons; If some day you felt to be a Home Missionary and the records show that you had never financially given to Home Missions, it would be difficult to understand when and how this could have developed.

17. Communicate often with Pastor. Share your heart, ideas, desires, ambitions, plans, et cetera. Ask for response and feedback — ask for an occasional “get together” to see if things are on target or if all is well.

18. Do not accept invitations to speak outside church without discussing it with the Pastor.

19. Don’t get involved with gossip, assumptions, rumors, et cetera that may be in the Section. Leave that to the gossipers. Dispel rumors.

20. Allow God to use you in every way possible. Be sensitive, be happy and be open to His Spirit.


You have great potential and as you and your wife work together, you can go over each of these things and chart a plan to accomplish them. It will take both of you to make it work.

Looking forward to great things.
Yours in Christ,

Pastor Charles R. Grisham