Covid-19 crisis

By the time you read this column, the Corvid-19 crisis will hopefully be winding down. However, it has prompted many to ask how one might share the gospel during a time of social distancing. Here’s some evangelism ideas to consider whether there is a world pandemic, home with a cold, or would like some new, innovative methods to witness on social media:

1. Make a short video of your testimony of how you came to Christ and the joy you have as a Christian. Share it on YouTube and other social video platforms. Also send it to your unsaved friends as an attachment with a short introduction like: “Occasionally I am asked why and how I became a Christian and, perhaps more importantly, why I remain one. If you are at all curious, I hope you will watch the attached short video for a brief explanation.” Putting a link on your Facebook feed is good also.

2. Record a Home Bible Study on video and post it to YouTube. Teach a 10 or 12 lesson study, or one of the single lesson, one hour studies. Ask your unsaved friends to critique it for you. You might even ask an unsaved friend to help you make it.

3. Offer to teach a Home Bible Study to an unsaved friend via FaceTime, Zoom, Loom, or other video platform. Search for Truth or Exploring God’s Word are both great because they have excellent visual charts (both can be purchased from PPH).

4. Share your entire written testimony on your Twitter feed, broken into short 280-word segments (the new Twitter word standard). Write each segment with a ‘cliffhanger’ ending, which will encourage readers to go on the next post.

5. Teach the Book of Acts on Twitter, using the new 280 word format. Consider expounding on several verses per day. Encourage your unsaved family and friends to follow you in this project.

6. Teach a one-lesson Home Bible Study like “Into His Marvelous Light” on Twitter, taking one verse per post. Encourage your unsaved friends and family to follow you.

7. Start a small-group Bible study on Zoom with several of your friends. Make a pact that each of you will invite one unsaved person to join the group each week. Study through a good Christian book chapter-by-chapter or do a chapter-by-chapter study through a book of the Bible.

8. Make all your favorite doctrinal tracts into online videos. Using the tract text, add graphics for each small portion of text. Record audio to go with the graphics. Post these to YouTube and other video media sites.