Dear Church Member

Dear Church Member,

Don’t wait until the hearse hauls you to church. If you do:

1. You will go, regardless of the weather.
2. You will go, regardless of the condition of your body.
3. There will be beautiful flowers there, but you won’t enjoy them.
4. You will go, regardless of how your family feels.
5. The minister may say many good things, but they will do you no
6. There will be beautiful music, but you won’t hear it.
7. There will be heartfelt prayers, but they will not touch your
8. There will be friends and relatives there, but you won’t worship
with them.
9. You will go, no matter how many hypocrites are there.
10. You will go, no matter how much you are needed at home or work.
11. You will receive no blessing from the service.
12. You won’t feel concerned about your clothes.
13. You will never have to decide about attending church again.

Aren’t you glad to be alive and well and full of zest and able to
choose to go to church?

Walter Nuessle

Computers for Christ – Chicago