Dear Worship Leader: Stop Trying to Prove Yourself

Dear Worship Leader: Stop Trying to Prove Yourself
By David Santistevan

Dear Worship Leader,

There’s only one opinion in the universe that really matters.

But if you’re like me, you live and work as if�it’s not enough. It’s not enough that God has chosen to love you, call you, equip you and have your back.

You would never say that God’s love isn’t enough but your actions prove it. You’re not satisfied with who you are, where you are or what you’re doing.

You just want somebody to notice you, to admire you, to give you the approval your heart seeks. But if I know anything about approval, I know that when it comes it doesn’t satisfy. It’s never enough.

Once I have it, I just want more and more and more and more.

Here’s my simple challenge: Get back to the simplicity of moving God’s heart.

I remember when I was first saved. Do you?

I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I just wanted to know God. I just wanted to be alone with Him and move His heart with my worship. I would sing and weep and dance in the secret place because I knew I had an audience with the King of kings.

That was more than enough. Matter of fact, it was mind blowing. My Creator was present, near and wanted to be with me.

I’m convinced of something. If you move God’s heart in secret, you’ll have a greater authority when you lead in public. Spiritual authority doesn’t come from personality, talent or hard work. It comes from someone who has known and continues to know the goodness of God.

The best worship leaders are those with a current story. It’s as simple as that. They’ve come to know the goodness of God and want others to know it. They have a burning desire for others to see what they have seen. They have a deep belief that only Jesus can satisfy. Only Jesus.

Every day is an opportunity to discover something new of God�to catch a new glimpse of His character. If you’re like me, you often have eyes for everything but�that.

Too often we ride the wave of yesterday’s grace when there is something new for today. But instead of waiting at the feet of our Master, we run around striving amid the crowds for something that is held out in the arms of Jesus.

It’s OK for you to influence the crowds, but don’t allow the crowds to influence you to the point where you lose your eye for Jesus�where you forget the tone of His voice, the beauty of His heart, the satisfaction of His approval.

No need to feel terrible about where you are. That’s not productive. No need to beat yourself up with feelings of regret.

The beauty of mercy is that it is new today.

The mystery of grace is that there is always enough.

Just return. Come back. Re-center. Re-align. Fix your gaze.

That’s what I’m challenged to do today.

What about you?

David Santistevan, is a worship pastor at Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. See this original article at,

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