Deliverance From Homosexuality

The Core of Revival

Ed McFarland, Richmond, IN — I know of individuals who have gotten into the church and no longer practice homosexuality. Maybe they are just remaining celibate and still have homosexual tendencies though, so delivered is not the word I would use as much as I would use the word control. They control the desire, probably through good disciplines and the Holy Spirit.

We need to find out how homosexuals can justify that lifestyle. When a person tells me their feelings are okay and that God is not condemning them, I know it’s going to take a revelation from God. The problem is a mental perspective of one’s self-image. Who people think they are is determined by a lot of factors. I don’t think body chemistry produces homosexuality. Neither do I think it is a demonic spirit any more than there is a demonic spirit trying to attach itself to encourage anyone to do any other ungodly thing. I don’t see anything in the scripture that refers to a spirit of homosexuality. I see it as a “work of the flesh.”

Art Wilson, Wayne, MI — We have had people that practiced this lifestyle attend our church and were later baptized and are now living for God and many are in a heterosexual relationship. The first key to deliverance is acknowledging that same sex desire is wrong. Once it is acknowledged, they can move forward and pray toward the correct desire. Homosexuals need to accept that those desires are unnatural and not blessed of God.

I believe the Church is doing a good job with this sensitive issue. As much mercy as we can extend without bias, we need to extend it. We cannot exclude this issue but we’ve got to treat all sin as sin and not get on a soapbox about one certain issue. Homosexuality is sin just like any other immoral act. If a person feels they were born a homosexual, God has given us the answer to that question as well. The Bible says that we must be born again. The Bible used that verbiage for a reason. The Lord foresaw the mindset of our day when people would say, “I was born that way so I can continue this way and God can’t judge me.” Dealing with their mindset is second to dealing with God’s future for them. The answer is to take them into more truth.

Randy Blizzard, Las Vegas, NV — I believe homosexuality is biological, psychological and spiritual. Personally, I believe that all sin is passed in some degree from generation to generation via human genes. Sin has been passed from the parents to the children since Adam first passed his sin on to his son Cain. Homosexuality is not only genetic but also propagated and perpetuated by demonic influence. I have known homosexuals to be delivered and change to normal sexual desires. I can’t say if the proclivity was completely eliminated, but if not it was certainly suppressed and yielded to God so completely that the person led a completely heterosexual life. However, if a man is wrestling with a “spirit” that compels this type of conduct, then certainly he needs prayer and deliverance. Satan always uses a person’s innate weaknesses against them.

My personal litmus test for working with, dealing with or otherwise tolerating anyone is simple: “Did God fill him/her with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking with tongues?” If He did, then I must find a way to circumvent my bias, prejudice and self-righteousness and plug that soul into a useful and productive place in the Kingdom.

Derrick L. Killingsworth, Gautier, MS — A person who has a homosexual tendency would need to be delivered from the tendency although he or she was not actively practicing the sin. It would be like a man having an adulterous spirit or lusting after anything for that matter. The tendency alone could lead to them falling into that temptation. God created us in His image, so God did not create man with homosexual tendencies. He created woman for man; and the man instantly admired the woman God created for him.

The church door should be open to whosoever will come through those doors. One lady came to our church and after a while, she let us know she was a lesbian. I told her she was more than welcome to come to our church; however, I would not change the way I preach or soften my stance. I would not preach about homosexuality every service, but if I felt led to speak on it, I would not single her out. The Bible tells us that we are all born into sin. Homosexuals are sinners just as a drug addict or a murderer is a sinner.

Floyd Nelson, Grand Bay, AL– The body of Christ has had a problem with homosexuality for many years. I know some people that have been delivered but very few have. There is a possibility that a person could be born with a spirit of homosexuality because that spirit can be passed down from one generation to another. In some cases, God has sent a strong delusion that some would believe a lie and be damned. If He turns a person over, a spirit passes down through generations.

You can have a desire for something, but as long as you fight it, God is a just God and He will not condemn you for something you didn’t do. Deliverance includes baptism, acknowledging one’s transgressions before God, and prayer until you are filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. The Bible says ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you; so if you get that Spirit, you have the solution to the problem. First, you have to acknowledge the sin. God made male and female and that’s it!

Jeffery Arnold, Gainesville, FL — Homosexuality is a shameful practice, but God did not say it could not be fixed or forgiven. I have talked in depth with people who are homosexual and not one has said they have no guilt. They do have guilt and shame. They can be delivered but few have. I believe it is a spiritual issue and an absolute choice. To say: “I was born that way” is the lamest of excuses. Even if that were possible, you can be born again right. Those who adventure into homosexuality end up being held hostage by it. It is a vile, lascivious lifestyle; a philosophy and religion of predators looking for new prey. Effeminacy itself has tendencies toward homosexuality.

We must hear the voice of God and see things through His eyes. That doesn’t make us vigilantes. We love people; we hate practices. God forbids fornication, adultery, lying and dishonesty just as He forbids homosexuality. We owe those involved in such practices an apology if we don’t let them know that God stands against this. This day of liberal theology and liberal living cannot invalidate God’s truth. It is pure folly to think that God’s absolutes can be altered or invalidated by a generation that believes God has no absolutes. This is not legalism and bondage. This is righteousness and holiness in an effort to please God.