Developing a Ladies Hospitality Ministry Group

Developing a Ladies Hospitality Ministry Group
By Jill Fisk

Assignment-The Welcoming Committee
Purpose-To welcome newcomers to your church or community
Scripture-“Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling” (1 Peter 4:9).
Introduction-To be hospitable means “given to generous and cordial reception of guests” or “offering a pleasant or sustaining environment.”

Unless you have moved from a church or community where you were raised or lived for an extended period of time, it may be difficult to understand how lonely a move of this kind can be.

As old-timers in the church, your Women’s Ministries ministry group coordinator may appoint a group of women to serve as the Welcoming Committee. The committee should work closely with the pastor when making plans. As your ministry group members meet, ask them to consider some of the following suggestions.

Opportunities for Ministry to Singles

a. Include them in family activities.
b. Introduce them to other singles.
c. Be sincerely interested in their activities.
d. Invite them to participate in various church ministries.
e. Be a friend. They may need someone to “listen” to them.
f. Invite them to spend holidays with a family.

To single parents

a. Invite the family to your house for a meal, fun, and fellowship. Do not expect reciprocation.
b. Include children of single parents in all church activities. Some single parents have economic limitations. Take this into consideration when making plans.
c. Bless single parent families with special foods for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and as needed. Be discreet with your gifts.
d. Pray for single parents. They carry heavy burdens with full responsibilities for their families.

To divorced or separated singles

a. A divorced or separated person often feels rejected. The church family should not add to this feeling by excluding them in social functions. They need to be accepted.
b. Become a friend to a divorced person. Learn to listen.
c. Pray for the divorced or separated single. They need encouragement. They may be victims of divorce and not the one who initiated it. God loves them and we need to show them our love.
d. Children living with a single parent need understanding and love. The trauma of death, divorce, or separation is difficult for them. Include them in church and family activities.

To widows or widowers

a. Living alone can make nights and days seem longer than to people with families. Again, including widows or widowers in your family activities gives them company and fellowship.
b. Involve widows in Women’s Ministries, whether at church or in their homes. Help them feel needed.
c. Remember them with cards, small gifts, or notes of appreciation occasionally.
d. Elderly widows may need home repairs or help in winterizing houses.
e. Provide transportation for those who do not drive for grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, to the post office, to and from church, etc.

To new families

a. Introduce them to church activities. A packet of information of all church functions, times, etc., will be beneficial. Coordinate this with your pastor.
b. Help the children make friends by inviting them to your home or arranging a “get-aquatinted” party.
c. Go out to eat together with new families to help them get acquainted with the city and for fellowship.
d. Extend the opportunity for them to become involved in ministry but do not push. Let them get acquainted and become involved in their own time.
To a new pastor and family
a. Plan a reception. Coordinate all such activities with the official church board.
b. Announce a grocery shower for the family as soon as they arrive. This will relieve the stress of getting settled.
c. Prepare an album for the pastor with pictures and vital information for each family. This will help your pastor get acquainted quickly.
d. A bouquet of flowers or tray of fruit is nice on the first day they arrive in town. This says “welcome.”
e. A city street map, for larger towns, and a list of the names of church officers and teachers is beneficial to new pastors.

Women’s Ministries Hospitality Ministry Groups meet vital needs in the congregation as they minister as unto Christ!

From: website. June 2009

This article may not be not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat meat. Throw away the bones.”