Discipling Bus Ministry Kids

By Dave Smith

There are three parts to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)
1. Get people saved
2. Get converts baptized
3. Disciple baptized believers (Note “all things”)

Let us discuss discipling bus kids. We will list a number of ways you can disciple your bus kids.

I. Lessons At Church Class

However your church situation is set up, the Bible should be taught and applied so as to disciple the young converts in addition to a clear presentation of the gospel each week

II. Use Both Songs And Choruses In Class And On The Bus That Teach The Kids To Live For God

III. When On The Bus And In Class, Teach And Explain Memory Verses And Apply Them To Help Disciple Riders

IV. Teach Lessons On The Bus As Part Of The Bus Program On Basic Topics

A. Salvation

B. Assurance of salvation

C. Baptism

D. Prayer

E. Daily Bible reading

F. Giving

G. Obedience

H. Missions

I. Soulwinning

J. The home

Note: Plenty of visual materials along these lines are available to aid you
V. Preach To Them On The Bus And Aim At Their Hearts To Produce Change And Set Convictions

VI. Give Them Bible Reading Assignments Each Week

Reward them after so much reading is completed

VII. There Are Bible Lessons For Children Such As The “Mail Box Club” That Can Be Used

You could design a series of lessons yourself

VIII. Pick Bus Kids Up In Your Car And Bring Them Back To Your Evening Services

IX. Bring Kids In For Your AWANA Program If You Have One

X. Work With Each Kid One-On-One Saturday Or Some Other Time

Work on problems in their life

XI. Take The Bus Kids Out For A Snack (With Parent’s Permission) And Talk To Them, Teach Them, And Love Them

Never do this alone

XII. Invite Them To Your Home For A Meal Or To Spend The Night

A. Use this time to help disciple them

B. Never do this alone

XIII. Groom Bus Kids To Assist You On The Bus

As they prove themselves faithful and useful, give them a greater position of service

XIV. Take Bus Kids Visiting With You On Saturday Visitation To Teach Them About Christian Service And Soul Winning

XV. Your Church Can Have A Special Discipleship Class For A Limited Times (4-5 Weeks)

A. After the kids are saved, they can be taken out of their regular class and attend the discipleship class

B. It doesn’t matter what week they are placed in the class since every 4-5 weeks the same sequence of lessons is repeated

C. After they complete the discipleship class, they are returned to their regular Sunday School class

D. A nice diploma could be awarded to the rider as an added incentive to be faithful in attendance

XVI. Have “Neighborhood Discipleship Clubs” Where You Would Get A Bus Parent To Volunteer A Garage, Front Porch, or Room In Their Home To Have The Club Meeting Each Saturday

A. You could gear this to new converts or bus kids that exhibit positive spiritual growth

B. A lesson would be taught and possibly refreshments served, then the kids would be taken surveying or soulwinning, which ever is preferred

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”