Don’t Forget to Laugh


It’s no secret that anxiety and tension are woven throughout the fabric
of our society. Frayed edges and ragged ears often result The solution?

Humor has a way of cutting life’s problems down to size. A wise person
once said, “A person without humor is like a wagon without springs-
jolted by every pebble in the road.” Humor and laughter act as emotional
“shock absorbers,” not eliminating the “bumps” but making them easier to

Laughter can do wonders to relationships. In marriage, for example, a
little humor can smooth the rough edges. Laughter and humor may serve as
a catalyst for talks on touchy subjects, keep daily annoyances in
perspective and put a halt to escalating argument. Used correctly,
laughter can actually bring arguing people together. The key to defusing
a fight is aiming the humor at the situation or oneself, not the other

Humor enhances relationships in another way, too, as it provides
enjoyable exchanges. Enjoying funny things together adds an exciting
dimension to a relationship. While the old saying, “When you’re smiling
the whole world smiles with you” may not be completely true, there is
definitely some validity to it.

Experts agree that people who laugh are apt to make friends more easily.
Why? They are viewed as more attractive, warmer, more confident and more
accepting. One expert states, “When you laugh at yourself, People assume
that you’re not going to judge them too harshly either. This puts people
at ease. It gives them permission not to be perfect.”

Scripture lends support to the value of humor. “A merry heart does good
like medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). Researchers say that laughter triggers
the release of “happy hormones,” commonly known as endorphins. These are
the body’s own pain-reducing chemicals. We are, indeed, fearfully and
wonderfully made!

The “healthy” Christian has a joy and laughter that results from a clear
understanding of grace and the finished work of Jesus Christ on the

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