Door Hangers: Trade Feet for Finances

Outreach Magazine Editors


Can’t afford direct mail? You can reach 150 of your neighbors for less than $30 with colorful doorhangers. Send teams of people out on a Saturday afternoon to distribute door hangers with information about your church services or upcoming events. An average person can distribute 50 to 100 door hangers in an hour. Outreach, Inc. o?ers hundreds of designs that you can print with your information on your laser printer or photocopier. Here’s some ideas:

* Pray As You Go. Prepare your teams to pray for each home as they distribute the door hanger. If you meet the people, ask them what they would like to have you pray for.
* Bag It. Instead of a door hanger, distribute a doorknob bag with a ministry brochure and some candy.
* New Neighbors. Is there a new subdivision or development going up in your community? Life transitions such as a new move are a time when families often look for a church. Target these neighborhoods.
* Friends, Not Agenda. While distributing information is important, it’s even more important to go into neighborhoods with the objective of building real relationships and looking for ways to serve the needs of your neighbors.
* Serve First. As you walk, consider taking a trash bag and picking up litter around the homes in these neighborhoods, delivering newspapers, or even sweeping walkways (with permission). Actions will speak louder than the words on your ?ier.


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