Door Opened to U.N. Revival

“And this gospel . . . will be preached in the whole world . . . to all nations . . .” Matthew 24:14

The Acts 2:38 experience that ushered in a mighty move of God and opened a door of spiritual awakening is still happening today. God is manifesting Himself to the general assembly at the United Nations. “We are excited to see what is unfolding at one of the most secure and exclusive operations in the world,” said Pastor Art Wilson of The International Church of Metro Detroit, MI.

It all began in 2013 when Maria (not her real name), one of the secretaries to the U.N. Secretary-General, had to leave her position at the United Nations due to a terminal illness. Maria visited her sister, who is an Apostolic believer that attends Pastor Wilson’s church in Metro Detroit, and went to church seeking more of Jesus. During her visit, God miraculously healed Maria of her illness, filled her with the Holy Ghost, and she was baptized in Jesus’ name!

After she returned home, word spread about her astonishing miracle of healing and many global officials wanted to hear more. Maria then called Bro. Wilson, whom she regards as her pastor, and asked for his help in trying to better handle the questions. After praying about the situation, Bro. Wilson felt he should go to the U.N. to verify that Maria had been completely cured of her illness, and to explain how the healing power of Jesus was at work.

They had prepared for the meeting with x-rays and medical documentation, confirmed by her doctors, of the healing. Bro. Wilson imagined four or five people would be in attendance. When he arrived, there were over 100 ambassadors, delegates, and workers in the U.N. chapel where the meeting was scheduled.

Every guest that attended the service was given a Bible and a book containing salvation information written by Bro. Wilson. Maria gave testimony of healing and her New Birth experience. Bro. Wilson then expounded on Jesus and explained that the Pentecostal experience is still available to “whosoever will.” He asked if any would like to have this experience and many raised their hands and came forward for prayer. Many have been baptized since that meeting.

Because of such interest, Bro. Wilson decided to set up monthly evangelistic services and weekly meetings to teach Bible studies right on the U.N. campus. He has been given a special security clearance badge that allows total presidential access, as well as the opportunity to meet with the highest officials of the U.N. Bro. Wilson is currently teaching many high-level ambassadors private Bible studies, which he considers another miracle.

Two revivals, at which several special guest speakers have given their testimonies of God’s healing power, have resulted in mighty moves of God upon the listeners and many people have been miraculously healed and filled with the Spirit. They have seven documented miracles of healing. They have baptized 11, and 13 have received the Holy Ghost in just 20 services.

“We have an average of 40 different nationalities at any given service and many of these individuals represent their respective countries and cultures at the highest level,” said Pastor Wilson. “Jesus is bringing them into the church and with the Lord’s help they will have the tools necessary to take this gospel back and reach their world! Our plan is to keep moving forward with the Bible studies and evangelistic services as long as Jesus keeps the door open.”
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