Duty List

Jim Richardson



clean windows in Auditorium

polish furniture in Auditorium

vacuum Floors in Auditorium twice week; more if needed.

clean bathrooms upstairs twice week; more if needed.

clean all mirrors twice week; more if needed

clean glass doors to auditorium and foyers as needed

vacuum upper/lower Foyers, and hall as needed.

dust shelves in lower Foyer.

clean window casings.

clean water fountain

clean glass on display case

dust Furniture in upper Foyer

keep bathroom stocked with soap, tissue, and paper towels.

spot clean carpet as needed.

keep janitors room neat, clean, and organized.

Do not let things pile/stack up. Keep things put away.


Dust for cobwebs; or as needed

dust paneling

Keep a list of things to do during quarterly cleanings.


keep downstairs bathrooms clean

keep kitchen clean

keep trash emptied-don’t wait until it is overflowing

keep kitchen floor clean

keep bathrooms supplied

keep refrigerator clean

keep coffee pot clean

keep microwave oven clean

keep sink clean end scrubbed with cleaner

keep Fellowship hall /halls floors clean

help keep janitors room neat, clean & organized

keep Fellowship hall clean, straightened up as needed, including
tables/chairs, picking up, dust in trash cans, floors, windows,
cobwebs, etc.

At All Times:

Do not let things pile/stack up. Keep things put away. Keep supply
inventory, and order supplies as needed.

Quarterly cleanings

Inside/outside work which will be coordinated by designated personnel
and will be geared toward heavy-duty cleaning.

(The source of the above material is unknown)

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