Key Elements of Church Growth Success

If you’re wanting to see your church grow, it is critical to examine the elements of church growth success. The key elememts of church growth are:
1) Build a ministry team. Use the pattern that Christ gave us, who spent most of His time building a ministry team. Even though they failed Him often, He continued to teach, train, develop and encourage.

2) Market your church and the gospel. “Buy the truth and sell it not!” Focus on the most successful methods of evangelism: church visitors, effective visitor follow-up, home Bible study, personal witnessing, bus ministry, and new convert care.

3) Invite visitors to hear the preached the Word of God. 100% of your new converts will come from your visitors. Make your church the friendliest and most exciting church in town.

4) Follow-up on your visitors. 96% of all who receive the Holy Ghost come three to five times before they receive it. So you must get your visitors to return. Telephone them, send a letter, put them on a mailing list and send them invitations regularly. Most importantly, visit them at their home.

5) Train Home Bible Study (HBS) teachers. Make HBS a major ministry in your church. How? Appoint an HBS director. Promote it often and creatively. Train your teachers several times a year, especially your new converts.

6) Train your saints why and how to witness. At least once a year, teach a soul-winning seminar series on Bible study night. Motivate and encourage your saints to witness and invite regularly by using Constant Contact Consciousness (CCC).

7) Start a bus, van, or car ministry. Reach for the souls of children. Do not focus on numbers; focus on evangelism. Those bus children must receive the Holy Ghost. Evangelize the home using the concepts of Parent-Reach. Bus ministry will bring you new families every year if you will reach for the hearts of both children and parents.

8) Make new convert care a top priority. Appoint a New Convert Care director. Follow-up on every baptism and Holy Ghost recipient with New Life Counseling. Stress the importance of your Sunday morning New Life Class, and take roll on every convert in every service.
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