Enlisting New Choir Members

Enlisting New Choir Members
Kevan Bartlett

Practical Tips for Growing Your Choir

Choir directors are always looking for new people to add to the choir.
What are some practical tips for getting people involved?


Music is such an important part of our services that we must have God’s anointing on it. Pray over your choir membership. Then, ask the Lord to begin adding members to your choir.

Have an Exciting Music Program

Every time your choir sings, you are advertising your music ministry. Are your advertisements attractive? As you keep fresh, energizing, Christ-honoring music in the hands of your choir, people will want to be a part.

Be Tenacious

Even when your music ministry is dynamic and exciting, most people need a friendly nudge of encouragement before they step out and commit. Get to know church members. Get to know new members. Watch during the song service for people who seem to enjoy singing. Ask spouses of people already in your choir. Don’t be afraid to go after people.

Give People an Opportunity to Express Interest

You could have a Ministry Involvement Night where members are given the chance to sign up for more information on several ministries in the church including the music ministry, or you may choose to put somethingin the bulletin for them to turn in and express their interest. Be sure that you are quick to follow up when people express interest.

Ask Around

Talk to adult teachers in your church who know the members of their class better than you. They can suggest names to you, and you can follow-up with a friendly phone call or with an invitation to a choir orientation.

Talk to Choir Members

Choir members often know other church members who sing, but have been hesitant to join. They may be able to offer you some names.

Host a Choir Orientation

Have a meeting after church on a Sunday night where anyone interested can come to a general meeting with you to hear more about the choir ministry. Use this time to talk about the philosophy of your music ministry, leadership requirements, and the practice schedule. Take time at the end of this meeting to answer any questions. Have someone take attendance, then follow-up with each person and meet with them one-on-one.

The purpose of the individual meetings is three fold: one, to hear their testimony and get to know them; two, to be sure they are on-board with the leadership requirements and that they understand the choir ministry is a visible position of leadership; and three, to answer any questions they may have. This one-on-one meeting is important, because people will be more open and honest with you in this setting than in a general setting. You may find after meeting with them that they need more time before they are ready to join the choir.

From: www.ministry127.com web site. February 2012.

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