Evangelism On A Budget

What kind of evangelism program can we have on a very limited budget?

Evangelism need not be expensive. In fact, the best and most effective methods cost little or nothing. Consider the following:

1. Powerful, Spirit-filled services. Without question, the most effective outreach program you can have are your church services. Preaching is still the primary method that God uses to convict the heart of sinners. Make sure your preaching is anointed, your prayer is dynamic, your singing is inspired and your worship is from the heart.

2. Push for visitors. Regularly give your saints an excuse to invite their family, friends and co-workers. If possible, plan at least one special service a month. You need not spend a lot of money doing this. It costs nothing to plan a service devoted to healing, deliverance, marriage renewal, backsliders and so on. Design a nice flyer, hand out copies and ask every member to invite at least two or three (or more) people.

3. Follow-up on visitors. Every visitor should receive a phone call within 24 hours, a letter from the pastor within 36 hours and a visit within seven days. Start by making visits yourself and then train others by inviting them along. The primary purpose of the visit is to invite them to your next “special” service and to ask them for a home Bible study.

It is also good to ask them about any prayer needs. Visit each one four times and place at least three months between each visit. Ask for a home Bible study each time.

4. Encourage witnessing. How, you ask? By training your saints how to witness. Many don’t witness, simply because they do not know how. Teach them! Then encourage a lifestyle of witnessing. 

5. Teach home Bible studies. Be an example to your saints in teaching. Then train them how to teach home Bible studies. Promote the ministry often during regular service times. Finally, help them get studies to teach.

6. Start a car ministry. Ask, “Who would be willing to bring someone to church if we found them for you?” Then, go into their neighborhoods and knock on doors until you find an elderly person, child or teen who would come if they just had a ride.