Every Member Sunday



This special Sunday is all-important in its relationship to your total ministry. With a great host of the church membership present for this particular day, you have the opportunity to lay on their hearts the importance of faithful attendance in church and Sunday school.

There are a number of procedures that you can carry out to help with the success of this special day. Those procedures will be discussed in following paragraphs.

Most churches have “active” and “inactive” members. It is most important that the “inactive” as well as the “active” be reached for this particular day.


Modern technology has made it much easier to contact the membership. Most churches have the membership on computers. This makes it easier to furnish helpers with lists to be contacted. Those who don’t use the computers can easily come up with lists of names and phone numbers.

I. A Telephone Brigade

Starting not less than two weeks before, organize a group of people who will volunteer to phone the whole membership, informing them of Every Member Sunday. The message should be furnished to the callers, perhaps as follows:

“Hello Mrs. Smith, Grace Baptist Church is having a special day, EVERY MEMBER SUNDAY. (Give dates) We are striving to have every person on our church rolls present on that day. I’m sure you will help make the day successful by being present with your family. We’ll be counting on you!!”

If a call is not answered a note should be made so that the call can be made later. Calls should be made in the evening hours to take full advantage of the hours spent.

II. Calling the Sunday School Classes

Even though the members of the Sunday school will be receiving calls from the phone brigade, it is important that every member of every class receive a call prompting them to be present in the Sunday school class on that day.

Larger classes will also want to organize for these calls. To be successful every church member should receive at least two calls, reminding him/her about Every Member Sunday.

The chairman of the deacon board should call all deacons. The head usher should call all ushers. Choir directors should have all choir members called, etc. etc.

III. Phone Bank

A phone bank could be used in place of a phone brigade. In the brigade, the calls are made from many locations (homes, offices or most any place). The phone bank is usually set up in one room. There may be two, three or four phones or more. The lists to call are divided so that two, three or more people might call for an hour or so, on several evenings. Keep good records, so that you might up-date addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Another aspect, or an addition to the phone bank, should be the prayer room. At the same time calls are being made, the callers should ask for prayer requests.

“Mrs. Smith, I hope you will be present Sunday, but right now do you have a prayer request? We have a group in a room nearby at prayer during this time. We can take your request in to them immediately.”

Don’t overlook the value of the phone bank.

IV. Letter To The Home

In addition to the general letters concerning EVERY MEMBER SUNDAY, you might send a card during the week before the special day, as a reminder.

V. Word-of-Mouth Advertising

The greatest way to insure a successful day, in attendance, is to get the membership talking about EVERY MEMBER SUNDAY. There is no more effective method of promotion than word-of-mouth publicity.

When you get excited about the campaign, in the Sunday school classes and from the pulpit, then more of your people will become excited about it.

VI. Computer Calling

In our kind of a day the scientific world affords us a number of useful tools to use for the Saviour. A number of companies can furnish you with the proper equipment to do this kind of contacting of your membership.

The machines can also be used in a multitude of ways to embrace the effectiveness of your total ministry. Actually the machines are most unusual in their uniqueness and ability. They are almost mind-boggling.

A couple of companies that can furnish information about these procedures are:

Church Communications Ministries 3039 Hidden Forest Court Marietta, GA 30066 1-800-445-2155

Tele-Soul Computer-Aided Evangelism 3567 Grand Ave. San Marcos, CA 92069 (619) 727-4408

VII. Commitment Cards

You may choose to use a commitment card. Remember, everything begins with a COMMITMENT! You will come nearer being successful using a simple commitment card than not using one. Have the people to start filling out the cards at least three weeks in advance of the special day.

VIII. Encourage Your People To Pray

Prayer is our most powerful tool and it is at our disposal at any time. Have special prayer meetings and prayer-times for the special day.

IX. Recover Quickly

As soon as Every Member Sunday is over, start giving full attention to the follow-up. Contact all visitors within 48 hours of the special day. Write another letter, thanking the membership for helping to make the day a great success for the Lord.