Evidence of Noah’s Flood


Creation Scientists have proposed that from the time of Creation to the Flood of Noah there was a great quantity of water in the high atmosphere. Is there any evidence for this? Actually there is, and one of these evidences is presented here.

NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS to about 25oC. At this height 25oC is above the boiling

From latitudes 50o to 70o in point of water. If any liquid  the summer time special forms water or ice exists here it is  of cloud are often seen called trapped. If it goes down, it  `Noctilucent’ or `Night- will evaporate and rise again.  Glowing’ clouds. It is not This is similar to the pre- immediately obvious that these flood canopy of water proposed  are unusual clouds. However by many Creation Scientists.  they are much higher than most This shows that before the  at altitudes of 80 to 85 km. Flood there was a great canopy  (The next highest clouds are of water in the atmosphere  Cirrus Clouds which reach only that would not precipitate as  an altitude of 13 km.) Because rain. This did eventually fall  of their great altitude they due to some disturbance at the  can be seen long after sunset. start of flood, giving forty  days and nights of rain.

When the sun is from 6 to 16  degrees below the horizon you HOW DOES WATER can still see it if you are at REACH THIS ALTITUDE? altitudes of 80 km and higher.  This also means that the sun If water droplets, dust or  will light up clouds that are other particles are ejected to  there. Noctilucent Clouds will altitudes of over 30km, (the  glow with the reflection of upper stratosphere), it will  the setting sun’s light long move through the ozone layer  after sunset . The clouds can at 50 kilometers up to the  cover an area of up to three Ionosphere where the air is million square kilometers, and electrically charged. This  may last several hours. Even takes about two years.

below a latitude of 50o they  are sometimes seen for a few Noctilucent Clouds were first  hours. They are very obvious seen June 8th, 1885 in  because in the evening they Germany. Within a month they  are seen against a dark sky. were seen throughout Northern  Europe. They have been seen  At this altitude, known as the frequently ever since, but no  Ionosphere, the temperature is clear records exist of their  at a minimum, about -100oC. detection before this time. We  Both higher and lower the know from other records that  temperature increases. Above observations were made of the  85 km the sun’s radiation areas of the sky that would  ionizes the air, charging it have shown these clouds, had  electrically and heating it up they been there. to 1,750oC. Below this the  ozone layer converts ultra Two years earlier a major
violet light from the sun into event occurred that probably  heat, raising the temperature formed the Noctilucent Clouds.

The island volcano Krakatoa that very little water from  exploded on August 26-27, Cirrus Clouds, travels upwards  1883. Australians heard the above 13km. Water vapour from  explosion 3,500 km away. Winds this and lower levels of the  (pressure waves) from Krakatoa atmosphere goes up in minute  were recorded around the quantities so it cannot be the  world. Twenty cubic kilometers source of Noctilucent Clouds. of rock were thrown into the  air, along with a tremendous Before the flood water stayed  quantity of ash and water in the high atmosphere for  vapour. Nearly half of the centuries. There is no reason  island vanished. The water it shouldn’t stay there for a  vapour and ash took two years long time now. Instead of  to reach the Ionosphere inventing complex ideas for  forming Noctilucent Clouds at its replacement, it is easy to
just the time that they were see that since it stayed for a  seen in Germany. According to long time once, it is doing so  Gary Thomas, an atmospheric again, but on a smaller scale. scientist at the University of
Colorado, Krakatoa was the


reason for these clouds.1  Noctilucent Clouds are the  WHAT ARE THEY? debris from the Krakatoa
explosion. The reason they can  What are the clouds actually still be seen is the same  made of? Instruments placed in reason the water canopy stayed  rockets have established that up in the air before the flood  the clouds are composed of of Noah. Conditions at those  particles 0.1-0.3 microns in altitudes prevent the clouds  diameter. They are probably from falling as rain. meteor dust particles, or dust
from the Krakatoa explosion. Again this shows Creationist  The particles themselves are thinking borne out by evidence  too small to reflect sunlight, of science. Water vapour can  but most have crystallized exist for extended periods in  water vapour surrounding them. the atmosphere. The canopy of  This is the water vapour, and water presented by Creation  possibly some of the dust, Scientists is more than just
that Krakatoa produced. possible, a minute version of  it formed just over a century  WHY ARE THEY STILL THERE? ago, and it is still there.

Why do we still see them? ——————————
Thomas states1 that Krakatoa’s  debris would not continue for The author, David M.Harris  such a long time. He also says receives mail at: 19 Orleans  that not enough other water Drive, West Hill, Ontario,  vapour rises to account for Canada, M1C 4T1. (416) 286- these clouds. He suggests that 4282. He can also be reached  methane from rice paddies, via the Creation Science  swamps, cattle and termites Association of Canada in  are the current cause. This is Vancouver, British Columbia. pure fantasy. These factors
have been around for centuries 1. Discover, August 1989, p14. before Krakatoa. It is true `Cloudy Memories of Krakatau’