Faith Gets The Job


An old Methodist preacher, Thomas Champness declared, “When God has a big contract on hand, faith always gets the job. When our trust is in man we get what man can do; when we trust God we get what He can do. In the hands of the son of God the little became such a lot that the vast multitudes ate their fill and there was plenty left.”

There is no substitute for faith. The Book of God says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…” not the substitute. What an extravagant God we have when faith gets the contract – a few fishes and
loaves can feed thousands. When He got through there were twelve basketfuls left over. Is that extravagant? Look at the need. Thousands had been following Him all day. They were hungry. It was known they would faint on the way home. What a job! But, faith got the contract!

There is an old adage that says, “God has no problems, only plans.” It is man that brings us problems. Science has given us problems more massive than those it solved. It raises more questions than it answers.

The church must act as a community of interpretation for the world – a world overwhelmed by self-imposed limitations, imagined inferiorities – a world prodded ever onward by the secular media. “What
are we going to do?” is their constant cry. Faith in God is the only answer. Not just faith in what can be seen and heard and felt, etc. Your five senses can be good evangelists for unbelief. No, things don’t
always make good sense to faith.

Consider the promise made to Abraham with reference to an heir. Paul writes, “He considered his own body now dead…” (Romans 4:19). Dr Joseph Parker has some unique comments on this: “Abraham believed God, and said to sight, “Stand back” – and to the laws of nature, “Hold your peace” and to the misgiving heart, “Silence, thou lying tempter.” He believed God! Contrary to the laws of nature but in obedience to another and higher law, the law of faith, Abraham, after due reflection, embraced the word of promise to make it his very own despite the dawning nature of the circumstances which confronted hi m.” ” Abraham had a job and faith got the contract!

What is your challenge today? Is it a child that is away from God? I remember hearing an old saint of God say years ago he went to the Scriptures, turned to Acts 16 and the story of the Philippian jailer, put his finger on Verse 31 “Thou shalt be saved and thy house….” He said, “Lord, I’m claiming my house. I’m claiming my children.” It worked! Faith got the contract and it always pays off!

How many times have the doctors walked out of the hospital room shaking their heads with these dismal words on their lips, “No hope. No hope.” About that time an old man of God would walk in with a bottle of oil, anoint that same “No hope” and suddenly the physicians themselves say, “A higher power has intervened.” Faith gets the contract!

Some of you who are reading this are at the bottom of your barrel financially. Let me just remind you that God looks better from the bottom of the barrel than anywhere else. Because then, the only way you
can look is up. He did not promise to supply our wants but He promised to supply our needs. Have we ever seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging bread? Hang in there! Give the faith the contract. It never goes bankrupt. Don’t worry about getting a bonding company to underwrite the job. In his own way and in his own time, faith comes through.

The Book of Hebrews tells us to “Run with patience the race…looking to Jesus…” Who runs without getting weary? Who runs without getting tired? Who runs without frustration? The secret is looking to Jesus looking to Jesus! The focus of your faith is invaluable. He must constantly be lifted up and exalted in every exercise of life. Spurgeon, in his last address in Exeter Hall, London, preached on, “Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus” from Matthew 1:21. In broken accents, for he was not a well man at that time, he exclaimed, “Let my name perish, but let Christ’s name last forever! Jesus – crown Him Lord of all! You will not hear me say anything else. These are my last words in Exeter Hall for this time. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Crown Him Lord of all!” He almost fainted as he sat down in the chair.

The important thing is at the end of life’s road, the final dividend of faith will be Jesus! Jesus! He is Lord of all! When life gives you a difficult job, let faith have the contract.