Fasting Brings Blessing


You’re about to step into the shower, when the mirror catches your eye. What do you see? Look at your waist, your arms, your hips, that tummy–does the sight of those bulges and rolls depress you? And
when you get on the scale do you think to yourself, “This is awful! I can’t go on like this, something has to be done!”

If you’re in that situation, take heart. You’re about to read something that will make your spirit sing with joy and relief!

First, let’s read part o f Mildred’s letter. She writes from Minnesota: “You’re my last hope, Dr. Lovett. I am a 53 year old widow. I’m short and fat and ugly. I’ve been carrying at least 60 extra pounds on my body for years. Believe me when I tell you I’ve tried everything to get this weight off and some of the programs were expensive. I work in a rest home and it’s embarrassing lumbering around with all this
bulk. My body tells everyone I don’t have control over my eating. God must have some plan for people like myself I can’t believe this is what He wants for me!”

If Mildred were here with me now I’d ask, “Do you really want to change?” She’d give me an explosive…”Of course I want to change! Do you think I like going around looking like this? I’d give anything to get rid of these extra pounds!”

People can say that, yet not really mean it. They listen with interest when I tell them God has a fabulous plan for not only taking off X amount of weight, but for keeping it off as well. And if I told Mildred she could easily reach the place where she could start wearing high school size clothes again, she’d light up and be eager to know how.

But if I said God’s plan for Christian weight control requires a 10 day fast, her face would fall and she’d gasp, “Oh, I could never do that! I’d be afraid to!”

Here is an extremely spiritual matter–the fear of God’s people to fast. Where do you think this fear comes from? It doesn’t come from God, you can be sure of that. Those who read the Word of God know
fasting is all over its pages. It has a central place in God s plan. In fact it was me secret strength of the early church. So if the fear of fasting doesn’t come from God, who does that leave? Satan, of course.

The devil doesn’t want Christians to fast. The last thing in the world he wants is for believers to REDISCOVER the power of putting Jesus ahead of food. Down through the centuries, Satan has worked hard to get the church to abandon fasting–and he’s been successful. Modern Christians cringe at the thought of going without food for any reason, unless of course they’re sick and don’t feel like eating. Because of Satan’s success, Christians now view fasting as something to be feared and avoided. And oh, how it has cost us.

Today we have believers caught in terrible financial situations, distressed over sicknesses in their bodies, worried about unsaved love ones and yearning for spiritual direction in their lives. And there’s no deliverance for them, because Satan has successfully removed fasting from the church. Consequently these people haven’t a clue as to what to do. So they struggle in despair and become depressed, as was Mildred when she said, “I can’t believe this is what God wants for me!”

See, she knew something was wrong, but she didn’t know what to do about it. What a testimony to Satan’s power! Imagine, blinding her and robbing her of something God had provided. Without argument, the devil wants us fat. And you know why. Fat Christians not only look unsightly, they have reduced energy and loaded arteries. That sets them up for heart disease and worse. What’s more, that fat advertises an area of their lives is out of control. And when we fail to control an area, you know who’s ready to step in and control it–Satan.


Now want to tell you of a tremendous breakthrough in fasting. For that we need to go back more than 20 years to when I published my book, “HELP LORD, THE DEVIL WANTS ME FAT!” Many of you have copies of that book, as well as the cassettes that accompany it. The book has done a fabulous job for God’s people, but after a time it became clear it wasn’t all that easy for some to get through the first few days of the 10 day fast. Some found they had to throw in the towel those days were so rough for them. That’s because there was still some carbohydrate in the body.

So I began searching for a product that could be taken during the entire fast that would satisfy real or imaginary hunger and yet not interfere with the fasting process. The Lord brought a sweet Christian
brother across my path, Doctor Robert Stanfield, who specializes in cleaning up the inside of the body. He formulated a product made exclusively of herbs and seeds, that not only scoured the insides, but
contained things like alfalfa with its 96 different minerals, rose hips, which is so high in vitamin C and garlic, considered by many to be the “king of vegetables.”

Dr. Stanfield’s product comes as a powder, so I got some. All you do is add water and shake it and then drink it. I was told it would also satisfy hunger. Then I set out on our regular 10 day fast, taking the powder 4 or 5 times a day as I felt the need. I went the full 10 days without a speck of hunger.

However, I did encounter some PSYCHOLOGICAL HUNGER. That’s the desire to eat even when you’re not hungry. It’s imaginary hunger. So I went back to Dr. Stanfield, “Bob can you suggest something that would take care of psychological hunger while fasting?” He said, “Yes, the Bernard Jensen Products people have a BROTH that is made of nothing but raw, uncooked vegetables, that contains all the essential amino acids and a balanced mineral mix, all reduced to a fine powder. Try some and I think that will be the end of psychological hunger.”

So I made it part of my fast. Sure enough, when I had a psychological urge to eat, I made a cup of the broth and it was great! I felt like I had just finished a big bowl of soup. The bonus was being able to go to bed with a full feeling in my stomach. With these 2 products at hand, you can guess how my fast went. I loved it. It was fun–and I was ready to go again. It’s amazing how much work you can get done when you don’t have to bother with food.

Here’s how great this breakthrough is: even if you needed to lose 100 pounds, you could take it off in stages. It’d be like coming down a set of stairs. You could fast and take off 20 pounds and do it again
the following month to take off another 20 pounds. As long as your doctor monitored your health, you could do it on a systematic basis until all that weight was gone.

Isn’t that some breakthrough! We can now subdue the flesh with a 10 day fast and not suffer a speck of hunger. You can see what that does to our original weight loss program. It’s now easier than ever.
Once we get the fleshly or carnal side of our nature to die down, then we can get to the real power of this approach–installing the NEW IMAGE in our minds. The apostle Paul made it very clear, the only way we can make any kind of a TRANSFORMATION in our lifestyle or bodies, is with a RENEWED MIND (Rom. 12:2).

You know how we do that? Once we have silenced the flesh to the place where the carnal nature is subdued, the SPIRITUAL SIDE comes up and we become spiritually sensitive. That’s when we use the NEW IMAGE CASSETTE, the REAL KEY to permanent weight loss. Once that NEW IMAGE gets lodged in your spirit, the Holy Spirit can use it to reverse your eating habits. I don’t see how any plan can succeed without the help of the Holy Spirit. Satan’s work is that powerful.

I urge you to order our Christian Weight Loss package. When you open it, you’ll find 7 items, plus the instructions. There will be a copy of HELP LORD, THE DEVIL WANTS ME FAT, 4 cassettes, a large bottle of cleansing powder (perfect 7) and a small bottle of the broth (vegetable powder). Everything is there for you to enjoy this exciting new breakthrough and have a trim and attractive figure once again. By the way, on that 4th cassette you accompany me on a 10 day fast and we go day by day, removing completely any fear of fasting.

Here are two excited comments from among the people of my congregation. One lady said, “Even though I’ve had to fix meals for my family, I haven’t had the slightest desire to nibble great anything. ”

Another was so enthusiastic over his experience that he said, “I’ve never been able to go 2 days without food, but this dime I was able to go days without anything and eating never came to mind. As far as I’m concerned fasting is now a ‘piece of cake.”‘ After he said this we laughed over his choice of words.

If you’ve been carrying extra pounds on your body, I’m sure the Lord has spoken to you about it. You may have tried dieting or some of the worldly methods being touted today. If so, you owe it to yourself to try God’s way. Please don’t pass it up. Here’s a chance to put Him first, to put Him ahead of food. You won’t be sorry. And Oh, will you be thrilled with the way He shows His pleasure with you. Not only will
He give you a new body, but other blessings will flow into your life as you start…

I beseech – you therefore, brethern, by the mercies of God that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (Rom. 12:1 and 2 KJV)