First Steps in Missions for your Church

First Steps in Missions for Your Church
David Mays

At the Individual Level

Pray fervently and regularly for:
* Revival in your church to produce personal holiness and a concern for the nations.
* Your church’s missionaries.
* Your church’s leaders: that they will adopt God’s heart for the world.
* Someone else with a missions vision to help you bring about change.
* Current missions work around the world.
* Unreached people groups and nations.
* People affected by political, cultural, and religious trends and events around the world.

Become more informed about missions by:
* Studying Scripture to learn more of God’s heart and plan for all nations.
* Reading current missions books and periodicals.
* Watching the world news with a missions perspective.

Begin working in the church:
* Start a missions focus group to pray for missions or study a missions book.
* Seek help from other churches and missions agencies.
* Recommend missionaries or projects for the church to support.
* Begin accumulating missions resource materials for church use.
* Arrange for missionaries to visit Sunday classes, Bible studies, or cell groups.
* Look for others interested in missions.
* Spend time with your pastor. Discern his interest in missions and encourage him to greater interest.
* Work to identify a core group of people who can effectively and biblically work for change in your church.

At the Group Level

Work with church leaders:
* Seek authorization to work for missions in the church.
* Recruit one of the church leaders to work as part of the group.
* Ask for advice and direction from leaders.
* Befriend and pray for leaders who are obstacles. If possible, involve them in a missions trip.
* Meet with pastors and elders to discuss how missions fits into the life of the church.

Begin a missions committee:
* Recruit creative and influential people to serve on the committee.
* Establish positions and subcommittees to reflect the goals of the committee.
* Begin meeting regularly.
* Pray faithfully.
* Keep church leaders informed.

Educate and Stimulate the Congregation:
* Obtain and make available missions resources.
* Work with church departments to incorporate missions empeducation.
* Initiate regular prayer for missions.
* Hold a missions event.
* Get missionaries in front of the congregation and its ministries.
* Ask key people to house missionaries overnight.
* Involve the congregation in outreach ministries in your community.

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