First Strike (Entire Article)


By Bill Davis


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The 9/11 Commission was quite a bit of show and talk. There was much politicizing and grandstanding. Seizing the moment for self-glory was more common than dealing with reality and searching for the truth. Some good will, no doubt, come from the twenty-five million dollar Commission. That remains to be seen. Nevertheless, fixing the blame on each Administration appeared to be a secondary goal.


Fixing the blame is far easier than fixing the problem.


The fact is, it is difficult to fight an enemy without bounds to its behavior. Satan and terrorists are twins in this bed of evil.


They seek to steal, kill and to destroy, causing harm and havoc whenever and wherever possible.


A preemptive strike is the better way to fight this evil enemy. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice gave a great response to the inquiry of the 9/11 Commission. “The fact is the terrorists have been at war with us for a long time, we’ve just not been at war with them!” That was a profound statement of truth. We react more than we act. We manifest indifference and a naïve attitude until the enemy strikes. Then we react, and often with caution.


Pastors are sometimes more apt to respond to Satan’s attack after a church has split than before. After the division, there is often greater motivation for outreach and revival. So many times, we see a child leave the church, and then parents become strong in prayer and action. They become concerned, burdened and hurt.


After the marriage is faltering, we seek council and direction and sometimes it turns out to be useless. That is a poor, weak response. The best response is a pre-emptive strike. Make the first move. Flit first, and hit hard.


Saul took no action against the Philistines. He led Israel into a stalemate. However, Jonathan said to his armor bearer, “Let us take the battle to them,” in 1 Samuel chapter fourteen.


They fought the Philistines on half an acre of ground. Two men against twenty Philistines. God was their ally. The ground shook and the earth quaked. The enemy failed. Jonathan and his armor bearer wrought a great victory and started an epidemic of revival. Israelites came out of rocks and caves. Under Saul’s leadership, withdrawing and hiding was more desirable than war and victory.   But once there was victory, victory became contagious. The joy of success will fuel the fire of conflict.


Saul was a man of incredible fears. Those fears took their toll on his life. Those that had crossed over to the Philistines or hid out returned to Israel. Renewal and restoration was a part of this great victory. True acts of faith and a great response from God carry incredible results.


First strike is best. It is time to go to church and hit the prayer rooms. It is time to support the ministry and revival. It is time to take seriously this business of Church. It is time to teach Bible studies and turn the altar services into explosive, victorious battlefields. Remember, “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). An Apostolic church service should be a great experience for all present. It should be a time of revival and healing.


First strike, one service at a time, one soul, and one prayer at a time until the momentum is unstoppable. Before Satan’s attack, strike and strike hard. The promise is clear: “I was with

Moses,” God told Joshua, “I’ll be with you” (see Joshua I). Jesus told the disciples, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20).


Strike first and be victorious! Do not wait for Satan to strike first. Do not wait for Hell to invade your church or your world. Do not wait for the power of evil to trounce on your family. Do not let Satan set the agenda of conflict. Start revival now! Not merely a series of services but Apostolic Revival. Be victorious! Victory is contagious!


Rise up and be strong. The Lord is with us!




The above article, “First Strike” was written by Bill Davis. The article was excerpted from chapter ten in Davis’s book, The Gates of Hell and the Prevailing Church.


The material is copyrighted and should not be reprinted under any other name or author. However, this material may be freely used for personal study or research purposes.

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