Follow Up Letter


Dear Believer,

Welcome to the family here at Whitehaven United Pentecostal Church! I am excited that you have been in service with us and experienced the mighty touch of the Lord Jesus Christ on your life. Luke chapter 15 and verse 10 states that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one that repenteth and I know that joy is only rivaled by the delight of this local church family.

We have put together this packet with you in mind and have included some great study guides and helps for different areas of your walk with the Lord. These will help you greatly. However, when other needs arise please don’t hesitate to call on us. I have enclosed my telephone number along with several new friends which are eager to help with encouragement and prayer. Please call when you need us.

This is a wonderful journey you are embarking on and we here at Whitehaven want to surround you with fellowship and warmth as, hand in hand, we all experience Revival and Evangelism in the Endtime. God
bless you!


Terry Black, Pastor

(The above letter was written by Pastor Terry Black of Whitehaven United Pentecostal Church)

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