Get Under, Get Out, Get Over

J. R. Ensey

If one is to be delivered from Egypt (the world), he must get under the blood. When the Israelites walked out of their homes on their way out of Egypt, they walked under the blood of a lamb on the doorpost. It was the only thing that protected them from the death angel.

Pharaoh offered to let them leave temporarily and go out into the wilderness a few miles and worship there if that is what their God required. No, they had to get out of Egypt. Leave completely. Cross “under the cloud and through the sea” (I Corinthians 10:1). Total separation by blood and water was what God demanded.

Then the most difficult battle transpired, they had to get over “back there.” Removing themselves from Egypt was one thing; removing Egypt from their hearts was another. They had a difficult time removing the influences of their former estate. They had to quit longing for their favorite foods, for the semi-security of a place to live and daily responsibilities. They had to stop remembering how good they had it in Egypt, and get over what they were presently experiencing in the arid, rocky terrain of the Negev.

Their experience was surely an example for us as we make the break from the world to the kingdom of God. This leap of faith is accomplished by first getting under the blood of Christ through repentance, water baptism in the name of Jesus, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Then we have to get out of the world and free ourselves from all the entanglements of our former lifestyle. Then we have to get over what we once were, what we once had, what we once did, and what commitments and personal sacrifices we had to make to get to where we are now. So, get under it (the blood), get out of it (the world), then get over it (what you left behind).

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