Getting Near Through Brokeness

We are trying to point out the importance of brokenness. We may not have used the term, but that’s what we were pointing out when we referred to Daniel and Nehemiah. Both men were broken about sin. This verse in Psalms tells us that God is nigh that person who is broken. Now any individual who comes before God with the attitude that God is indebted to them will leave empty.

By Clifton Jones 

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If we want to stay out of sin, we must stay in fellowship. We know that fellowship with Him isn’t agony, it is nearness. Jesus will go with us anywhere we have to go; to school, work, and play. It is our job to do the work and He will give us the strength and energy to work. He will give us the know how, therefore we need to stay in fellowship with Him.


I was in a school play in 1955. I was to present a gift and make a speech. One of the lines I had to say was, “We hope that you will not receive this gift for its intrinsic value, but in the spirit in which it is given.” At that time I did not know anything about “intrinsic value.” I said that to say this; when we bow and talk to the Lord, I believe the Lord is more concerned about our real inner feeling than He is anything else we are attempting to say or do.


“Nearness to Me,” that is what I can hear Him say. “Focus on Me. Give Me your undivided attention, give Me your allegiance, give Me your loyalty, give Me your obedience,

give Me your respect. Don’t be just another cry baby who comes to Me and receive what you need and not come back until you get in another tight.”


He knows that we won’t be able to identify sin except in cases where it is gross, if we don’t stay close to Him.


  • John 1:7 “If you walk in the light as he is in the light, we will have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus will cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”


He is saying to us, I want you to stay close to Me, close enough to fellowship, close so I can keep you clean! The commercial says that dirt can’t hide from intensified Tide; that’s just a commercial. But sin can’t hide when we maintain nearness to our Lord! Now that’s a fact!


“We won’t know we have a hidden problem unless we get close to the Lord.”


David said, “The entrance of thy word giveth light.” One may not know how dull they are until we get close to the Lord.


I’ll say it again, It may be one of the elements that keep the self-centered person out of prayer. “The entrance of thy word giveth light, it makes wise the simple.” What did you say Lord? “Come closer.”


I notice in the business world, when business men want to cut a deal, they go and try to find someone who is close to the big-wigs – the big shot. They feel that since you know them, you can get a favor and I will receive the benefits.