Global Tracts – Brocc Chavis – Apostolic News (Newsletter 5-6)

by Susan Thomas

Do you speak English? It is wonderful to be able to speak English and to understand the numerous materials available to us. But, what if we didn’t speak English? What if we spoke another language? It could be very difficult to understand God’s word and all the available material. That is why Bro Chavis, from North Carolina, is director of UPCI Multicultural Ministries. So everyone no matter what language they speak can understand the word of God and have a closer walk with Him.
So, what materials are available? “Currently we have a mix of materials including tracts, bible studies, and the Ladies Prayer International Newsletter. They are available as pdf downloads/viewing. We also have several 12-week bible studies on video (Portuguese, French, Tagalog, ASL for deaf and hard of hearing, Russian, and Spanish),” states Bro. Chavis. “We have materials in 64 languages. All of this is offered for free.”

There are many testimonies of how God has used this ministry to reach people. “Pastor Jesse Pinheiro contacted me about coming in contact with a Chinese couple. They were operators of a kiosk in the local mall. Their English was very broken and they had difficulty communicating, but Bro. Pinheiro noticed a bible on the counter of their establishment. They engaged in a dialogue about the Bible speaking in mandarin. After leaving the establishment, the Holy Ghost quickened Bro. Pinheiro to return and speak with them again, only to find they had closed. Walking to the parking lot of the mall, they were surprised to run into the Chinese couple again, also departing the mall. Bro. Pinheiro knew this was a moment ordained by God and had been quickened to use He and his wife opened the website on their cell phone and taught them “A Place Prepared for You” bible study right there in the parking lot! When it was completed, the lady lifted her

hands, and with tears streaming down her face, the Lord richly blessed her. Bro. And Sis. Pinheiro were able to connect them with the local UPCI church and that pastor made contact with them the very next day!” states Bro. Chavis.

“I received a call from God to preach at age 15 and received my local license from the UPCI at age 18. Served as Youth Pastor, Sectional Youth Leader, District Youth Secretary, Assistant Pastor of United – The Pentecostal Church of Spring Lake, District Youth President, Lead Pastor of United, Youth Ministries Apostolic Youth Corps Director, and now serving as Director of UPCI Multicultural Ministries,” informs Bro. Chavis. “The purpose of is simply to eliminate the language barrier in evangelism. The goal of Multicultural Ministries is to make soul-winning materials available in as many languages as we can.”

Bro. Brocc Chavis grew up in North Carolina, he was born in Lumberton, NC and lived most of his life in Spring Lake, NC, near Fort Bragg, one of the largest military bases in the world. Bro. and Sis. Chavis have five beautiful children ages 16 (Elijah), 15 (Logan), 13 (Juliana), 3 (Lincoln), and an adopted son Judah, who is age 2.

Bro. Chavis’s e-mail is Sis. Dinecia Gates is the main point of contact as the new coordinator. She can be reached at
There are also contact forms on the website.

“Our vision is to begin adding much more material to this website. We will be establishing social media pages to promote resources, and we desire to begin adding much new video material as well!”