Goal Characteristics

By Dave Smith

I. Goals Should Be Related In Some Way To The Organizational Purposes The purpose of a bus ministry is to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19- 20)

II. We Must Believe We Can Do It Unrealistic goals will not challenge people

III. A Goal Should Have A Date When It Will Be Accomplished Yearly goals, goals for a bus campaign, or a “big day” goal as examples

IV. A Goal Must Be Measurable Attendance, salvation decisions, converts baptized, adults reached

V. A Goal Must Be Supported By A Plan How are you going to accomplish your goals?

1. Weekly visitation, so many new doors knocked on each week

2. 100% follow-up on all salvation decisions

3. Going back during the week to visit prospective parents

VI. A Goal Needs To Be Claimed By Someone You must see it as something the Lord would have you to accomplish

VII. A Goal Should Promote Enthusiasm

VIII. A Goal Defines What Is Expected Of Us

IX. A Person Must Take His Goals Seriously, Otherwise They Are Useless

X. A Person Must Daily Bee God To Help Him Reach His Goal

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