God Honors A Sincere Cry (Entire Article)

By Clifton Jones

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I say again, come near. Now remember, everybody that enters into this world is going to offer some kind of prayer, even if it’s just a cry. They are going to cry out, “help me Lord.” That would definitely be considered a form of prayer. It may be a cry of distress, yet it is a cry, or a prayer. I was reading an account of a ship’s captain. His ship sunk and he was out in the water with a life jacket for days and days. Humid he looked up and cried, “God, if there is a God, please help me.” He said about the time he cried out, he looked up, aid what was coming, a big boat. Someone may say it was coming any way, because he did not know God. But that man was serious; he was serious and sincere.


‘David said, “this poor man cried . . .” “Out of the depths of my soul I cried.” All God need to hear from us, in order to help us, is a sincere cry. But if we are putting on, It doesn’t matter how fancy our words, that won’t change one thing. Now, “Almighty, The Eternal, Everlasting Creator, You alone own the earth; you alone know the secrets of all things and by your mighty power all things are working. We can talk all the sweet talk we wish. But to all that sweet nothing God just turns a deaf ear. But if we cry out of a sincere heart, God will hear.

Israel stayed down in Egypt four hundred and thirty years but when they started crying. God said, “I’ve got to manifest myself in Egypt, because my people are sincerely crying.” If the people would have relaxed and raised their heels saying, “Egypt isn’t so bad after all, people can live down here,” they would have died in Egypt.


“The reason many of us are in the condition we are in is because we have learned to live with it. We have refused to cry out!” The majority of us know where the blessings of God are and how to obtain them, yet we let them elude us on regular basis. We have contented ourselves as though, it doesn’t matter. If we don’t start crying out of the depths of our hearts, we are going to miss out on many of God’s blessings. We don’t need to fancy it up, just talk natural to God and let Him know where we are hurting. He wants sincerity, He wants honesty, He is not looking for flattery. Trying to enhance God is a waste of time. If people would cry in public; wouldn’t that be something wonderful, although it is a common thing for men to cry. It is very clear from the scripture view, that God is devoted to hearing cries.


Notice the following scriptures:


  • Job 35:9: “By reason of the multitude of oppressions they make the oppressed cry: they cry out by reason of the arm of the mighty.”


One of the reasons men cry, they get to hurting, when we get to hurting, and things get uncomfortable so we can’t deal with or manage, we will cry. “Oh Lord: that is a prayer, don’t get me wrong, that is a form of a prayer. By reason of the oppression, and by reason of the arms of the Almighty, we that He is close enough to help us.


  • Job 34:28 “So that they cause the cry of the poor to come unto him, and he heareth the cry of the afflicted.”

God will hear a sincere cry. Now as many hurting people there are in the world, you would think that there would be more crying. One of the biggest tricks that the Devil pull on the human mind when we get in a precarious, uncertain, difficult position is to accuse God. Satan says, “See there, God doesn’t care, look at you, if he cared he wouldn’t let you suffer like that.” And some of us are ignorant enough to listen to Satan; lower our heads and clamp our lips and look pitiful. But we have the Bible that let us know that He will hear by reason of our affliction. I don’t want to get anyone all pumped up and your emotion start working and you began to think about the difficulties you’ve gotten yourself in and then you break-out crying.


That’s not the only kind of praying he will hear. I really would like to leave that crying by reason of pity for those who don’t really have a relationship with the Lord. “Some of us have relegated our consecration to the Lord to a building, and a service where someone is up front leading us to do what we are unwilling to do on our own.” But as we read these lines, I would like to remind us that God would have us to come closer. For the closer we get to Him the better we’ll love Him. And the more we love Him, the more faithful we will be to Him. And the more faithful we are to Him, the more He is able to do for us.


The grace of God that cleanses us from sin is beautiful and so is the grace of God that will keep us out of sin. We don’t want Him to have to always welcome the prodigal that has left the father’s house. We want to stay home, because we love to fellowship with Him We miss so much when we go astray. And please remember, that we do not have to leave the church building to go astray. We can sit right in the church, with our Bible on our lap and be just as dry in our spirits as the desert soil.


This article “ God Honors A Sincere Cry” was taken from “Intimacy With God” by Clifton Jones and may only be used for study and research purposes only.

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