God’s Gift Of Authority: Part 2

By: Larry Payne

I. IMPORTANCE OF AUTHORITY – Romans 13:1-7, Hebrews 1:3

God has a means of maintaining order. Order in nature, order in government, order on the job, order in the home, order in the church. “And upholding all things by the Word of His power…”. The stars are held in position by His authority. The cycles of the moon and stars can be predicted because of His precise engineering and the response of the elements of nature. All creation is a result of God’s power.

What kind of a universe would we have if the moon or world decided not to fulfill it’s orbit? What kind of a job would we have if everyone on our job were supervisors? What kind of armed services would we have if everyone were a general? Or a corporal? You see, God has a system to bring to you all the power and sustenance you will need in life.

The policeman that derives his livelihood from police work has an amount of power. His badge is representative of power and authority that has been delegated to him from the people of our community. The authority is not in his badge or uniform but rather in what it stands for and represents. He can exercise authority.

There are many higher powers and all these powers are recognized by God.

A. ORIGIN AND FALL OF SATAN – Isaiah 14:12-15

The archangel was turned into Satan when he overreached God’s authority, competed with God, thus becoming His rival and adversary. Rebellion was the cause of Satan’s fall. Satan’s intention of setting his throne above the throne of God violated God’s authority. In other words, self-exaltation. This product of rebellion God condemned. It is possible to stand with Christ in doctrine, while at the same time with Satan in principle. It is possible also to present the Word of God with the wrong spirit. Satan is not so concerned with what we say as how we say it.


Satan’s fall was not just the “act” of sin but the inward motive of rebellion. Jesus Christ taught that “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” and “…I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Legalism is the doctrine of externalism that the Pharisees prided themselves in. However, Jesus spoke of cleansing the inside of their cup. Christ’s concern is the total surrender and submission of the heart. The spirit of the law is important along with the letter of the law.


Paul fought against God’s church thinking he was doing God a favor. After coming face to face with Jesus Christ on the Damascus road, we see a man as he submitted all his opinions, ideas, reasons, beliefs, and life to Christ. He met God’s authority. He was commanded to submit himself to an unknown brother named Ananias. He went to him and obeyed what the brother instructed him to do. We must learn not to focus on the man but rather the authority and the message the man represents. Jesus Christ or an angel from
heaven did not tell Paul what he must do to be saved, but rather He used the avenue of a man to fulfill His plan on this earth.


“Behold to obey is better than sacrifice.” Saul is an example of self-will and self-exaltation. When asked to fulfill a necessary task, he simply acted according to his own personal judgement.

“Satan’s kingdom is strengthened and upheld when a rebellious person advocates or preaches the Word of God, for in doing so, God’s principle of authority is being challenged.

B. FALL OF ADAM AND EVE – Genesis 2:16-17, 3:1-6, Romans 5:9

God created Adam before Eve. The Lord placed all created things including Eve under his authority. Only one who is under authority is successful in exercising authority. God permitted Adam and Eve to partake of all the fruit of the garden except of one particular tree. There were probably thousands of lovely, tasty fruits to have. Yet there was only one illegitimate fruit to provide Adam and Eve with a choice of staying under
the authority of God.

Satan maneuvered Eve with reason and doubt to discount the spoken Word of God. Often times men are tempted to believe that God is withholding something good from them in marking somethings “forbidden.” Let’s not focus on the forbidden but rather the much acceptable fruit.

It is a real mistake to put God’s Word on a level of argument and personal interpretation. God’s Word should be absolute and not subject to carnal analyzing.and scrutiny of sifting thru screens of private interests. Man’s fall was due to disobedience. To disobey is to rebel against authority.

Was the problem the fruit they ate? No, the problem was disobedience. A christian worker needs to know who is over him. This is the means by which we find our place in the body. Without proper authority and obedience, there is much confusion and disorder in the church. God requires us to obey His delegated authority as well as Him.


1. God has a system to bring to you all the _______________________ and sustenance you will need in life.

2. The policeman’s _________________________ is representative of his power and authority.

3. The archangel was turned into Satan when he _________________________  God’s authority.

4. What was the cause of Satan’s fall? ____________________________________

5. It is possible to stand with Christ in ________________________ while at the same time with ________________________ in principle.

6. Satan’s fall was not just the ________________________ of sin but the inward _____________________ of rebellion. Explain in your own words: _____

7. Christ’s concern is the _____________________________ and ________________ of the heart.

8. We must learn not to focus on the man but rather the ___________________and the _______________________.

9. Only one who is under authority is ____________________ in exercising __________________________.

10. It is a real mistake to put God’s Word on a level of __________________ and ___________________________.

11. Was Adam and Eve’s real problem the fruit they ate? ___________________
Explain: __________________________________________________________________

12. Please write out below Romans 13:1-7

13. Where in the Bible is “And upholding all things by the Word of His power…” located? ________________________________________________________
Write out the entire verse: _______________________________________________

(The above material was published by Word of Faith Ministries, Azusa, CA.)

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