The Super Bowl has become a worldwide symbol of “”manliness” and what “real men” are like. But God’s ideal or “real” men differs considerably from the one-dimensional aggressiveness and violence many focus on in the Super Bowl.

To know what being God’s man in today’s world is all about, we must look at His original plan for Adam. God created this world and put it under the jurisdiction of Lucifer (Satan)–who exalted himself through pride and rebelled against God, plunging our earth into rebellion (see Isaiah 14). Adam and Eve were created from the elements of this world and filled with the life of God. Had they lived in obedience to God, the redemption of this planet would have been their reward.

But we know the story: Satan tempted Adam and Eve to rebel against God. They failed the test and gave into temptation. Ever since that day, Satan has been making fools out of men. He’s continually tempting us to try to fill the spiritual void in our lives with the stuff of this world–and we know that we were made for higher and better things than the stuff of this world. Only the breath of God can satisfy us.

One of the tricks of the enemy is to associate the feeling of being God’s man with being less than masculine. If he can’t push us to rebel against God, he makes us spiritually shy. But those men who have hungered after God and experienced the pleasure of His presence remember that as the benchmark against which they measure every other pleasure in life. “For in his presence [God’s presence] is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures for evermore” (see Psalm 16:11).

Every man who responds to the challenge to be God’s man in God’s world is amazed to see what God can do through him. Even though you are just one man, with God’s help, you can make a big difference in your world.

Violence is another part of our nation’s moral and spiritual crisis. Violence against individuals, the increase of weapons in America, and the increase of violence in the entertainment media all
indicate that we are a violent nation.

There are more homicides in the United States than in any other industrialized nation. Just look at the children who have taken weapons and blown away their peers right in the classroom. For a child to be this angry and out of control speaks to the alarming deterioration of the American family.

All of this tells us that it is time for men to model true manhood more effectively in the home, in the church, and in the workplace. We must correct this mistaken image of strong men being
without feeling and aggressive.

Vulnerability is certainly not something society associates with manhood. However, this is a characteristic most women highly desire in a husband. Unfortunately, we socialize our boys to be invulnerable which often results in their becoming the kind of men our women don’t want to marry.

As we turn to Christ as our role model and our Savior, He shows us how to be manly. He shows us there are many things in society about which to be angry–abuse, alcoholism, and victimization of the innocent are only some of them. Under the lordship of Christ, our anger can be used to tackle many important causes.

In the Super Bowl of life, a premium is placed on competition. However, as Christian men we should allow God to control our aggressive, competitive drive and channel it into teamwork and self-
discipline. This sort of manliness and competitive spirit will help us lead our nation back to God through our everyday examples, our relationships with our families, and even in honest, dedicated business dealings.

Being a man of God in today’s world is a tall order. But here are some practical steps all men can follow:

Step One: Understand that being a man of God involves everyday. “real world” living. Throughout Scripture and throughout history, men and women of God have been people who seek God’s will and rely upon Christ in every facet of their lives–each day. They are not perfect, but they are always trying to know and do God’s will day-by-day.

Step Two: Model your lifestyle after a spiritual “mentor” such as your pastor and/or other dedicated Christian leader. Perhaps one of the most important decisions a man can make is the pastor under whose authority he will submit himself. As you sit under his ministry, you see his successes and his failures. You learn from him–and the two of you learn together in the process of prayer and helping each other in your daily walk with Christ.

Step Three: You submit to the pastor’s spiritual authority. You bring yourself under his influence. If you have questions about how he’s interpreting Scripture or living for Christ, you go to him and
seek to learn. It’s like the experience in the Book of Acts where Philip came to the chariot of the Ethiopian eunuch and found him reading Scripture (see Acts 8:26-40). The eunuch admitted he needed someone to teach him to understand the Scriptures. So it is if we are to become God’s men in today’s world–we need someone to teach us and help us find God’s way and follow it.

Step Four: You cannot be a man of God without getting into the Scriptures. It is vital that you prayerfully read and study the Word of God.

The Super Bowl produces heroes we all talk about. How much more important it is that men look to Christ and allow Him to make them “heroes” and role-models in today’s world. As we rely upon Him, He helps us consistently live in ways that honor God and draw our families and friends to Him.