Hanging On By a Thread


By Brian Fuller

I’m sure we all have heard the expression, “hanging on by a thread”. It is often mentioned when life is overwhelming and we feel that one wrong move could doom the rest of our life. The phrase is an English idiom or a figure of speech. The origin of this idiom alludes to Damocles, a courtier of ancient Syracuse, who annoyed King Dionysius with constant flattery. The king invited him to a banquet, where Damocles was seated under a sword suspended by a single hair, symbolizing his tenuous position in the court.

As Sunday School teachers, many of us lead busy lives and feel as though we’re stretched out thin. Life can be so overwhelming with its demands and deadlines that we feel ourselves fighting to keep our head above water. Lesson preparation, snacks, crafts, copying, crowd control and so on, seem to be more of a burden to us than a blessing so many times; that is, if we look at the natural surroundings.

The story in the Bible about Joshua at the wall of Jericho records a small, yet very important detail about a scarlet thread, ribbon, cord, or whatever it might have been. It helped the spies to escape and it also brought salvation to Rahab’s house. One thread saved the whole house.

It is also interesting that the lady with the issue of blood reached out and touched the bottom threads of Jesus’ garment and was made whole. Paul gave out handkerchiefs (threads) to the sick in Acts 19 and many where healed. Elisha grabbed up a mantle (threads) from Elijah and worked many miracles.

There are perhaps children who attend our Sunday School classes who are hanging by a mere thread emotionally, spiritually and maybe even physically when they step foot into our class each week. When we as teachers step into the classroom, we act as a bridge to that hurting child.

Let me encourage you today, teacher, to keep hanging on through life’s stresses. Be encouraged. That thread you’re hanging on to may be Rahab’s lifeline to your Sunday School class, which may bring salvation to not only that child, but an entire family and city.

So what is that thread? We are hanging on to our hope, faith and trust in Jesus Christ that He will give us strength to impact our world for Him. Keep hanging by the thread!!

The above article, “Hanging On By A Thread,” is written by Brian Fuller. The article was excerpted from Oklahoma District Beacon.

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