Have You Been Fishing Lately?


Peter and Andrew were fishermen who knew how to catch fish. Let us consider ways they may have used to catch fish that might be used by “fishers of men.”

1. Fishermen are very careful to take care of their fishing rods, nets, lures and tackle. They don’t use the same tackle and lure on all the fish they are trying to catch. There are certain lures for certain fish. I have heard that fishermen have to “think like a fish” to catch them! Special lures are used to attract the fish, to get their attention and make them want to take a bite of something that looks good to them. People are the same. They are hungry and looking for something to fill needs in their lives. If they are sad, they need joy! If they are depressed, they need comfort and understanding! If they are lonely, they need love! Jesus Christ can meet all of these needs. As His followers, we have the Fruit of the Spirit to show them the attributes they are missing. We must make them want the Lord and show them that He can meet their every need!

2. Fishermen need a license to fish. Fishers of men have a license from Jesus to be fishers in any place, any time for any type of “fish”!

3. There are shore fishermen and deep-water fishermen. Which type are you?

4. There are certain seasons for certain fish. However, there is no special season for soul fishing. We can be fishers of men in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

5. There is no size limit for fishers of men! Fishermen have to be careful not to take a Walleye that is too small. Jesus said to fishers of men, “Let the little children come unto me.” He loves the children because He knows they have a lifetime ahead of them in which to follow Him, to win souls and to lay up treasures for eternity! It is said by some religions, “Give me a child for five years to teach church beliefs and that child will forever hold to those beliefs in his heart.” Jesus said, “Train up a child….” Our children are so important, so impressionable, so honest, so open! A great deal of emphasis (in our churches) needs to be put on our children, for they will be our leaders of tomorrow!

6. Fishermen must be careful not to exceed the limit on the number of fish they may catch. There is no limit for the number of souls reached by fishers of men! “He that winneth souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30).

7. Fishermen must obey the laws of the State in which they are fishing. Fishers of men have the Word (against such there is no law), command of the Lord, the Bible and the Holy Spirit as their fishing guide. The Lord commands to “go into all the world.”

8. A fisherman prepares himself for fishing! He has his rod, reel, and fishing lines in good condition. He has his tackle, hooks, lures and a creel to place the caught fish into. Fishers of men must prepare also, to catch souls and the church is the creel or the place to bring the hungry souls that are needing the Lord.

In conclusion, people in the world, our neighborhood, our work place, our home and in our family, are like fish in the water looking for something that looks good, or that might fill a need in their life. Jesus is that answer. They need to taste and see that the Lord is good! Be a fisher of men! Follow Jesus. He said, “I will make you fishers of men.” Keep in mind there is no catch limit, no limited season, no limited hours, and no area limits. And the rewards for fishers of men are “out of this world”!

Remember (1) that fish will not bite on dead minnows-they must be alive, and 2) when Jesus comes, there will be no more opportunities for fishing for souls. The season will be closed.

So, let down the nets and work (fish) for the night is coming! Go fishing for souls!!