Having A Reaching Parents Month And Parent Sunday

Having A Reaching Parents Month And Parent Sunday
Luke Pringleharn


I Every Church Should Have A Reaching Parents Month And Parents Sunday

II This Gives Each Church An Excellent Opportunity To Reach Their Bus Parents

A Encourage bus workers to go all out to give the gospel to each unsaved parent in the home

B Many parents can be saved due to the witness in the home

C Use an invitation card, as shown on a following page, to get your parents committed to attend Parent Sunday

Work on this for a whole month
D Turn these cards into the Bus Director so estimates can be made on the number of parents committed to attend

E Have bus captains make a final check on commitments the Saturday before (day before) the Parent Sunday

III Bus Parent Sunday

A Have people lined up to greet your many bus parents

B Pass out visitor cards in your service to register them

C Recognize bus parents publicly; welcome them warmly

D Have a special video of your bus ministry to show them, if possible

E Special music by bus kids

F Make sure the gospel is clearly given and the net drawn

G You might want to have a special speaker that would also be an encouragement for them to attend

H Have a luncheon for them immediately after the service

IV The Parent Luncheon

A You may want to prepare it yourself if you have a church kitchen

B You possibly can get members to bring part of the luncheon (dessert), prepare part of it at the church, or secure some items at a local eatery

C Some have had a roast beef dinner, mashed potatoes, corn, with a dessert; some have had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, slaw or beans, with a dessert

D Have it ready on time

E Have adequate servers

F Have some to circulate, greet and host them

G No grumps allowed; everyone must show themselves friendly

V What To Do With The Bus Riders During The Parents’ Luncheon

A Have a separate activity for the riders that will coordinate with the ending time of the parents’ luncheon

B Good suggestions include an outside picnic for the riders, ice cream cones, cookies and a drink, and possible games for each bus route

C This will allow the parents to enjoy their dinner without having to be concerned about their kids

D This will also keep your cost much lower since the cost of the children’s activity/food will be much less than feeding them the same meal as the parents

VI Additional Things To Consider

A Some kids may want to accompany their parents home in the car (assuming parents drove in). Make sure each captain knows this information.

B Some parents may not have their own transportation and come on the bus that day. Make sure they are given instructions.

C The bus director needs to think out all possible situations so parents and kids get back home in a timely fashion. Discuss this with all of your workers.

VII If You Do It Once; You Will Do It Annually

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