He Is…

HE IS——–

In Genesis, He’s the breath of life
— Exodus, He’s the Passover lamb
— Laviticus, He’s our high Priest
— Numbers, He’s the fire by night and pillow of cloud by day
— Deuteronomy, He is Moses’ voice
— Joshua, He’s salvations choice
— Judges, He’s the law giver
— Ruth, He’s the kinsmen-redeemer
— Samuel, He’s our trusted prophet
— Kings and Chronicles, He’s the sovereign God
— Ezra, the true and faithful scribe
— Nehemiah, he’s the rebuilder of brokenness
— Esther, He’s Mordecai’s courage
— Job, He’s the timeless redeemer
— Psalms, He’s our morning song
— Proverbs, He’s wisdom’s cry
— Ecclesiastes, He’s the time and season
— Song of Solomon, He’s the lovers dream
— Isaiah, He’s the wonderful, counselor, mighty God, prince of peace, everlasting Father
— Jeremiah, He’s the potter at the wheel
— Lamentations, He’s the cry for Isreal
— Ezekiel, He’s the wheel in the mist of the wheel
— Daniel, He’s the fourth man in the fire
— Hosea, He’s the forever faithful
— Joel, He’s the promise of the last days
— Amos, He’s the arms that carry us
— Obadiah, He’s the Lord our Savior
— Jonah, He’s the great missionary
— Micah, He’s the promise of peace
— Nahum, He’s our strength and our shield
— Habakkuk and Zephaniah, He’s the promise of revival
— Haggi, He’s the restorer of lost heritage
— Zechariah, He’s our fountain
— Malachi, He’s the sun of righteousness with healing in his wings

— Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, He’s man and he is God, the seeker and savor of the lost
— Acts, He’s the fire from heaven, the comforter
— Romans, He’s grace and power
— Corinthians, He’s the power of love
— Galations, He’s freedom from the curse of sin
— Ephesians, He’s our glorious treasure
— Philippians, He is Christ exalted
— Colossians, He’s God eternally
— Thessalonians, He’s our coming King
— Timothy, Titus, Philemon, He’s our faithful pastor and mediator
— Hebrews, He’s the everlasting covenant, the rewarder of faith
— James, He’s our healer
— Peter, He’s our shepherd and protector
— John, He’s the lover coming for his bride
— Jude, He’s the truth among false teachers
— Revelation, He’s the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords