He Loves You Too Much To Leave You Like You Are

I’m so glad for the love of God today. The love of God is not just a passive feeling, but it’s a powerful force. There is no force in this world that is stronger than the love of God – to take a man, to take a woman, to take a wretch and to be able to transform that individual into the likeness of Almighty God. I’II tell you friend, that takes something beyond the human ability to psychoanalyze and use psychology to change your thinking. It takes the power of God to transform you. I’m so glad for the love of God, and the mercy of God. Would you turn with me to read the Word of God, letting these Words become a vital part of our spirit and our hearts. John 5 “After this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda….” Bethesda – that’s a very important word. “…having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk.” In other words, feeble people. “Of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool and troubled the water. And whosoever then first after the troubling stepped in, was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.” And Jesus saw him lie there, and knew that he had been here now a long time, in that case. Now, Jesus did not know he was there because Jesus had lived in Jerusalem, Jesus knew he had been there because He was God. He had not been in Jerusalem very long, but when He looked upon that man He knew all the circumstances of the past of that man. I’m so glad that when God takes a look at your life and your spirit, you don’t need to say one word to God. He knows all there is to know about you. David said, “You know my uprising. You know my downsitting. You know all there is to know about me. I cannot think a thought in my mind but what altogether Lord, You know it.” He knows what you’re thinking. He knows the discouragement you may be feeling. He knows the help that you may need. He knows what may be facing you tomorrow. “And He said that He knew that he had been there thirty and eight years. Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been a long time in that case, He said unto Him, ‘Wilt thou be made whole?’ And the impotent man answered Him and said, ‘Sir, I have no man to put me in when the water is troubled in the pool. But while I am coming another steppeth down before me.’ And Jesus sayeth unto him, ‘Rise, take up thy bed and walk.’ And immediately the man was made whole and he took up his bed and walked. And on the same day was the Sabbath.” If that would have been you there would have been some response out of you. You’d have responded somehow. There was something that took place in that man’s spirit that responded to the power of the Holy Ghost through the ministry of Jesus Christ to heal him, to rise and take up his bed, to respond to the power of faith.  The word” Bethesda” is a very interesting word because this word means “the House of Mercy.” I want to tell you that that’s where He found me, in the House of Mercy. And if you’ll stay long enough in the House of the Mercy of God, He can make you rise up and walk. He can take away the lameness. He can take away your feebleness. He can take away your weakness if you’ll just stay long enough in the House of Mercy. He’ll come to where you are and find you and pick you up, and make you rise, and take up your bed. That thing you’ve been laying on is now going to be the thing you carry around. Not for your own glory, but you’re going to have to raise your hand and say, “It was the Lord in the House of Mercy that made me rise up and walk.”
There is in Jerusalem, by the sheep market, a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue “Bethesda”, having five porches. I want to give you just a little picture here of the circumstances surrounding this beautiful healing of this lame man. The Bible specifically indicates that it was by a sheep market. History tells us that this place called Bethesda was not the place that the elite met to eat. The pool at Bethesda was not the place where people gathered for socializing. You didn’t take your children and go feed the ducks by the pool of Bethesda. You didn’t take your picnic lunch and go by the pool of Bethesda, because it was the place where the sheep market was. And, of course, it was the watering trough of all the sheep that gathered together there to be sold. It was the outskirts of the city of Jerusalem. It was not a very pleasant place to be. There was no fountain springing up that you could sit and enjoy watching with the beauty all around. There were sheep there. That’s where the sheep were dipped, in the water, to prepare them for selling. I don’t know how many of you know very much about sheep, but you get a sheep wet, and you’ve got some smell on your hands. You get a sheep wet, and you’ve got a stench in your nostrils. All those sheep together, day after day after day after day. This is where individuals came together to sell the sheep. This is where they purchased the sheep. You could hear the bleating of the sheep and the shepherds trying to herd their flocks and to make sure that they were separated from the other flocks, and the yelling and the hollering, and all the things that went on. I want you to get the picture here. This is not a pleasant to be. It’s an outcast area. It’s an area where people did not go unless they absolutely had to, for business reasons and business purposes. It was not the place that you would imagine that Almighty God, in all of His glory and His splendor and majesty, would choose to go through. I begin to look at the way that my God operated in the Old Testament, and realize the kind of mercy that God extended to His children, and it thrills my soul.
I don’t know how many times David talked about the mercy of the Lord, but I just want to give you a little understanding of it in Psalm 136. It’s called “The Mercy Chapter” – “For His mercy endureth forever.” Verse 1 – “0, give thanks unto the Lord for He is good. 0, give thanks unto the God of Gods, for His mercy endureth forever. To Him who alone doeth great wonders, to Him that stretched all the earth above the waters, to Him that made great lights, who remembered us in our low estate. And He hath redeemed us from our enemies. And He gives food to all flesh. 0, give thanks unto the Lord of heaven, for His mercy endureth forever.” For His mercy endureth forever. When David thought about his God, he did not think about a God of judgement and a God that was going to destroy, although God is a just God, and God does judge. But he realized that when he came before the throne of God, and poured out his soul before God, that the mercy of God would be extended to him another time. Proverbs 28:13 declares “He that covereth his sin shall not prosper.” And if your covering some sins in your life, you’re thinking nobody knows, I want to eradicate that thought from your mind and help you to realize that Almighty God of heaven knows what your thoughts are. He knows what your motives are. He knows what your spirit is. And He sees what you and I do in the secret places when no one else is around. David said, “Where can I go to hide from Him? If I make my bed in hell, He is there. If I go to the highest mountain, He is there. If I flee across the ocean, He is there.” And that’s the thing that saves me, the realization that wherever I am, God is there. Whatever I say, God is there and hears every word. He is the guest at every meal. He is the unseen guest at every conversation. He is the unseen guest in every action that you and I perform. And He knows exactly the way that we take. And the Word of the Lord says he that covereth his sin will not prosper. There’s no reason to have to cover your sin if you can recognize a God who is merciful, a God whose judgement can be laid aside when you repent of your sins, and go to a place called Calvary, and let His blood flow cover you and give you His cleansing. It goes on to say he that covereth his sin shall not prosper, but whosoever will confess and forsake them shall have mercy. I’m glad I fit in that place called “whosoever”. Your name belongs in there. In your spirit the enemy may be still holding some guilt over your head for sin that you’ve confessed in the past, for sin that you’ve forsaken in the past. But my God is greater in his mercy than all the guilt the enemy can put upon my mind. If I am guilty and I am wrong then I need to go to Calvary. But if I’ve confessed my sins and forsaken my sins, then I can walk with my head tall. I can walk with my shoulders squared back, and I can say, “In the name of Jesus, His mercy has endured forever.” I am a recipient of the mercy of God. He found me by a pool called Bethesda. He found me maimed. He found me impotent. He found me without help. He found me without resource. But He spoke to me, and He said, “What would you have me to do unto you?” And I said, “God, I need your mercy.” When you recognize that you need the mercy of God to help you live a life that’s overcoming, it does something to you on the inside. Woe be unto the man, and woe be unto the woman, woe be unto the young person, woe be unto the child that feels like the only recourse is to live for God under your own strength. You’ll find you’ve failed a million times over. And with your failure comes condemnation. And with condemnation comes more guilt. And with guilt comes a feeling of giving up and forgetting. You can mark it down, many folks that have turned their back on God and walked away from the household of faith, it’s not been because there wasn’t sufficient preaching, it has not been because the Word of God has not been strong enough, it hasn’t been because they haven’t been loved. In any circumstance when you’ve tried to live for God on your own strength and on your own power, it ends in failure. If it would have been possible for you and I to live for God by our own strength, do you think God would have had to come to the world in flesh and go to a Calvary, and sacrifice His life’s blood for the likes of you and I? No, it would have been futile. My God doesn’t do things just by accident. He does things on purpose. The very fact that my God went to Calvary let’s me know that I needed Calvary. But I read this passage of scripture in Psalm 136 to help you to realize that God is a God of mercy. He was known as a God of mercy in the Old Testament. I could not tell you how many times David said, “for His mercy endureth forever.” Nobody can preach the mercy of God, and nobody can talk about the mercy of God like somebody who has needed the mercy of God. Like somebody who has needed it desperately, and found grace and strength in the time of need. Almighty God desired with all of His heart to somehow manifest Himself to a lost world. It would have been so easy to wipe Adam and Eve off the scene when they rejected and rebelled against God’s commandments. After all, all God asked them to do was one little small, minute thing. And that was this, of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of that fruit of the tree, don’t touch it, don’t eat it, don’t partake of it. That’s all He asked. Some people say, “Oh, God’s got so many negatives.” Let me tell you about all of the positive things they could do in that garden. The Lord said, “You name all the animals. You’re the one that’s responsible to take care of this whole garden. And when you look at this garden, and the result of it, you’ll know that you’re the one that was involved with the caretaking of that garden.” The feeling of accomplishment of developing something that God has given to you satisfies you for many, many years. But then they starting getting tempted in that one little area where God said, “Keep your hands off.” It’s still true in this world today. 4When God put His garden in your spirit and your heart He tells the devil “Get your hands off of them. That’s mine. That belongs to me. That’s my property. And I alone have the right to tend that garden. And I’m going to put a vineyard dresser over that garden. I’m going to get a man of God that knows how to preach the Word of God, that cares about this garden, that’s concerned about this garden. I’m going to give them wisdom and understanding, and preachers after my own heart to give them the kind of direction they need, And there’s some things I don’t want in my garden.” All this time the mercy of God refused to destroy Adam and Eve and start all over again.
I admire somebody that can build something from the ground up. But there is something in my heart that I have to stand back and salute in my mind the individual who can take something that’s been rusted out, something that’s been rotted out, and take that thing and tear it down and restore back again to it’s former glory. There’s a house there on Third Street where I’ve been watching the rebuilding process. When I went by for the first time when I first moved to Napa, I thought, somebody ought to tear that house down. That’s an eyesore. It’s a dangerous place for children to play. There’s a lot of rot. Of course, when something is deteriorated like that it attracts vermin. It attracts rats. When something is not maintained it starts attracting all the things that bring disease and bring infirmity. You know that’s true in your own life. When you stop praying and you stop reading the Word of God, and you stop coming to the House of God and stop being faithful to the things of God, you know as well as I do, that there’s a neglect that takes place on the inside of your heart and in your soul. And with that neglect comes inner rot. With that neglect comes rust and corruption, and it calls to all the vermin round about you and says, “There’s an emptiness on the inside. Come and fill it.” And then you wonder why you’ve got such appetites to want the things of the world. I’II tell you why. When you empty yourself of the pleasure of knowing the divine God of all mercy, you’re going to look to some other place to be able to fill that need. As I drove by that place, finally, somebody that had a vision of what that house was in it’s former glory got a hold of that thing. The first thing he did was not put aluminum siding on the outside. That’s what some of our prayers are. We come to the house of God and we’ve got a lot of rot on the inside. When we get rot on the inside, we say, “God, put some aluminum siding on where it looks pretty.” God says, “I don’t do a job halfway. I saw the original glory. I know what the original pattern looks like.” Don’t you dare ask God to do for you what God has told you to do for yourself. He said, “Cleanse your hands, ye sinners. Purify your minds, ye double minded.” He gives you the tools. He put the hammer in your hand. It’s the mercy of God to give you the instruments to work with. It’s time that we got a glimpse of what the glory of God intended to be in our hearts and lives, and realize that if He’s working on me, it may cut, it may hurt, it may take some reduction of what I am, but if I can see the glory of what he wants to reveal in me, if I can only see what He wants to show to the world, I want them to see a God of mercy. I want them to see a God of reconstruction. I want them to see a God that knows how to rebuild something again. If you @et a hold of that, you won’t faint, and you won’t be weary, and you won’t give up, and you won’t throw in the towel when it feels like things are crumbling down around you. It could be the mercy of God that’s trying to save your soul. Let Him rip some of those things out. Let Him rip some of those attitudes out. It’s the mercy of God that’s doing that. Until the day He calls me home, I refuse to let Him give up on me. God, don’t ever give up on this building. As God brings new souls our way, and new hungry hearts in our direction, as God opens these doors and helps us to be able to reach folks on the job, folks that we’re dealing with round about, they’ve got to see more than just some preacher trying to preach some kind of message out of the Word of God, that doesn’t have a feeling in it, that has no truth or no emotion. They have to see more than just people sitting in a pew going through a ritualistic service over and over again. They’ve got to see some change somewhere in some heart. Because they’ve got an emptiness on the inside. The only way they’ll see the mercy of God is by seeing the results of the mercy of God in our lives. If I had a house that was rotted down and had been neglected, I wouldn’t find someone who just knows how to tear down houses to put that thing back together. Anybody can tear down a house. But if you can’t build a chicken coop, don’t you tell me how to rebuild my house. I want somebody that knows how to do it right. I can go around here and find some of these fellahs that know how to do the reconstruction and I ask, “How did you do this? How did you work with that? How did you operate in this area? How did you handle this portion of it?” And they explain it to me. And I say, “That satisfies me. I see the work you’ve done on this house. I’ve got a house for you to work on, too.” There are folks every single day we live that are looking at your house. It ought to be a house of mercy. It ought to be your Bethesda. You may feel like you’re in a sheep pool. You may feel like there’s nothing around you except impotent folks. It seems like there’s lameness on every side. But right in the middle of it, God said, “I’m going to build a house of mercy.” The thrill of all thrills was that I was the one that was laying there. I was the one on that bed for thirty eight years, and nobody cared. Nobody understood, and nobody knew. But all along there was a great God in heaven, from time before eternity, he had his eyes on a certain man. I don’t know what that man’s name was. It just says a certain man. I’m so glad that when God starts talking about individuals, He just doesn’t say, well, just any old body. It was a certain man. When God thinks about you, he thinks about you being a certain woman, a certain man. You’ve got value to God. You’ve got importance to God because God is the one that breathed in you the breath of life. And God is not happy when His plan or His design is wasted and goes into a wretched condition. It makes His heart despaired. But when an individual can cry out to God and say, “God, do a work of reconstruction on me,” and you let Him take you to the house of mercy, you’ll be amazed to see the transformation power of Almighty God that changes your heart.
God desired to do this from time to eternity. But the first time he had an opportunity to come to this world to show us what kind of mercy He wanted to extend to us was in a little town called Bethlehem. Almighty God looked down, and the Bible says He found himself a little virgin woman. He found himself a little girl that had not fooled around with the boys of that generation. She kept herself pure and kept herself clean. God’s looking for a church in this world right now. He’s looking for a people that He can call his Bride who are not messing with the world, not fooling with the world, not trying to look like the world, and act like the world, and talk like the world, and enjoy the things that the world enjoys. But there is a lover in their souls. They found their lover in Jesus Christ. They found their lover in the Almighty God of heaven. And He looked down at that little girl and said, “That’s the utensil. That’s the vessel, the conduit that I’m going to choose to bring my glory into this world.” You talk about a monumental occasion, when the angel appeared before Mary and said, “Blessed art thou among women.” The Bible says an angel just means a messenger. And I can say to you as an angel of the church, “Blessed art thou among men. Blessed art thou among this world. Almighty God has chosen you and set His love on you.” God told Israel, “It wasn’t because you are great, it wasn’t because you were smart. It wasn’t because there were a lot of you. I just chose to set my love upon you. I wanted to call you out. I wanted to make an example out of you. I wanted to choose you to bring you to myself and make you a part of my handiwork so this world around about can recognize that surely there’s a God in heaven that knows how to take folks from four hundred years of slavery, from a house of misery to the house of liberty and the house of joy, the house of praise.” He knows how to do it. Not because you were great and strong and mighty and wise. The Bible says in the book of Corinthians that God has not chosen the things which are wise. He hasn’t chosen the things of this world that are mighty. He hasn’t chosen the things of this world that are strong. But he’s chosen the weak things of this world to confound the things that are strong. He’s chosen the base things of this world to bring to naught the things that are. When God begins to choose, He doesn’t always choose the things that we choose. He chooses things that please Him. If you want to please God, you had better find out what pleases Him in the Word of God. If a church that’s got a lot of people pleases you, you better find out if it pleases God. It’s not the numbers God is interested in, it’s the truth that God is interested in. It’s the power of the Word of God that God is interested in. And if that’s what pleases God, then that’s good enough for me. It pleases me. There must have been a little girl down in Jerusalem somewhere that was clean and pure. The reason that he chose Bethlehem was because there was a stigma attached to that area. As a matter of fact, in that area they spoke different. They spoke with a drawl. They spoke with a slang. And all over the rest of the country, if you heard somebody from that portion of the world, you recognized that they were from an area that was sub-cultured. Jerusalem was where everything was happening. That’s where all the rich folks were. And they spoke properly. They spoke just like it needed to be spoken. But the minute you opened your mouth, you identified yourself as from that little hick town of Bethlehem, around the Sea of Galilee. That’s why they recognized there in Jerusalem, when Peter opened his big mouth and said, “I’m not one of them,” he just gave himself away. “You just gave yourself away, buddy. You’re not from around here. I’II tell you that much.” As soon as he opened his mouth they knew he was lying. His speech gave him away. Surely, there could have been somebody down there that he could have identified with. But the mercy of God said “I choose to identify myself with those that are rejected, those that are despised, those that are looked down upon by the world.” He said, “I have chosen to show my glory through those.” I don’t know what that does to you, but it sends goose bumps on my goose bumps to think that God chose me, not because of how smart or how intelligent I was. He chose me because I was willing to surrender my will to God, and say, “God, take my life, cleanse me of my wickedness, cleanse me of my wicked ways.” And when you get a heart that’s humble, and you get a spirit that’s poured out before God like water, God says, “I won’t deny that voice. I’ve got to respond.” All that God ever wanted to do in the Old Testament, but could not because He was Spirit, He was able to do in the New Testament, because He came in the form of flesh. What God was in the Old Testament in the form of Word, He was now in the New Testament the Word became flesh, and He dwelt among us. And all that they talked about God being in the Old Testament, now He was in the New Testament in flesh. Now He was mercy personified. Now He was love personified. Now He was reaching personified. Now I know what it feels to be touched by the hand of God. Now I know what it means to have the mercy of God extended to my life personally.  The Bible doesn’t say that He took his disciples with Him.  It says that Jesus went. And there are some places that you and
God will go together, alone. And it seems like nobody else will go. You think nobody else is involved in this kind of outreach.
Nobody else even cares. What difference does it make, if Jesus cares? What difference does it make what people do and don’t do, if Jesus is working in those areas, if Jesus is working by that pool? If Jesus is extending his mercy, then you and I ought to be there. That’s where I want to be. Where Jesus goes, I’II go. We say, “I’II go anywhere you want me to go,” but in our minds we’ve gotten like James and John, the idea of a crown somewhere, some glory somewhere. But if you want to follow Jesus Christ, you better roll up your pant legs a little bit and expect to go through some pools of Bethesda. You better go through some sheep pools. You better expect to get smelly. You better expect to get dirty. You better expect to roll up your sleeves and get involved in somebody’s life, in somebody’s experience, and get your spirit involved to where you know how to pray until the groaning comes out. You know how to pray until it hurts on the inside. You know how to get involved until it hurts. Some of us are afraid to get involved in people’s lives because it does hurt. And love hurts. And the more you love, the more it hurts when you’re rejected. But who was more rejected than Jesus Christ was. The Bible says, “For the joy that was set before him, He endured the cross, despising the shame, and now is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” The House of Mercy is where He found me.
There was an angel who went down to the pool in a certain season, and troubled the water. The Bible says that whosoever then was first into the pool, they were made whole. This certain man was there thirty eight years, and he told Jesus, “Every time I try to get up and to go into the pool, somebody steps down before me.” And there was only one that was able to be healed. Can you imagine the anguish of a man laying there for thirty eight long years? I’m not talking about one man by a pool, I’m talking about possibly hundreds of folks laying around by that pool. Every one of them, when they saw the water starting to be troubled, every one of them pushing, fighting, struggling, cursing, swearing, spitting on each other. I’m talking about a vile circumstance, trying to get first into that water. Dipping their feet in that water. Putting their hands in that water. Somehow, to be the first one to be able to be delivered. In thirty eight years he had never been able to be close enough to be the first one. All of his human ability had gone to waste. All of his ingenuity had been left by the wayside a long time ago. He lost all hope many, many years ago. And now he was just laying in solitary confinement as it were, thinking, “There’s no hope. I might as well forget it.” That’s where he found me. when I had given up hope, and felt like there was no hope, that’s where my God came on the scene. That’s where my God stepped his foot on the porch of the House of Mercy, where I had been laying for year after year after year after year. That’s where He appeared. And He said unto me, “Wilt thou be made whole?” Can I tell you that in the Old and New Testaments the Lord asked some pretty stupid questions concerning your thinking and my thinking. He spoke to Adam and Eve and said, “Adam, where art thou?” You think didn’t know where Adam was? Not for a moment, don’t you imagine that God didn’t know where Adam was. Why do you suppose He asked Adam where he was? Because He wanted Adam to confess. He wanted Adam to admit, “God, here I am. I’m hiding. I need mercy.” It’s not true forgiveness when God has to force it out of you. It’s not true repentance when God has to force it out of you. But you can feel the love of God drawing you to himself. When I sing that little chorus, “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know”, it does not just give me a secure feeling like “Jesus loves me no matter what I do, no matter what I say. He loves me anyhow.” No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong. He loves me too much to leave me like I am. He loves me too much to leave me in my simple wretched condition. He loves me too much to leave me in my proud, haughty, arrogant nature. He loves me too much to leave me that way. It’s His love, and it’s His mercy, the Bible says, that we are not consumed. The book of Lamentations tells us, “His mercies are renewed every morning, with the rising of another sun.” And then it says, “Great is Thy faithfulness.” Great is the mercy of God and the faithfulness of God.
The book of Mark tells us about a blind man called Bartimeus sitting by the roadside, jingling a couple coins in his cup. And the multitude started crying, and started a tumult. And he said, “Who’s coming?” “Jesus of Nazareth.” They didn’t say, “Jesus, the son of David”, they said, “Jesus of Nazareth.” To this day I don’t know where that blind man got this understanding, but when Jesus came close enough he began to shout with all of his might, “Jesus, thou son of David…,”. Who said he was the son of David? The Pharisees had been talking around saying he was the illegitimate son of Joseph. And if all he’d been listening to was the religious rumors of the day, he wouldn’t have had any consciousness of this. But somehow, he got a hold of the Old Testament, the book of Isaiah chapter 55 that talks about the sure mercies of David. He thought, “I know that you did not just come from Joseph. I know you’ve come from a lineage that’s further on down the line than that. I know that you are the One that the scripture said, ‘He which is to come is going to come, and He is going to bring the sure mercies of David with Him.” You don’t have to be intelligent to get a good revelation of this Book. You don’t have to have a Yale University education to understand this good Book right here. All you need is an open heart. All you need is a confessing spirit. All you need is a humble attitude, and it’s amazing what God can reveal to your heart about who He is. “You’re more than just a prophet. You’re more than just a good teacher. You are the son of David. And if that’s who you are, I want you to have mercy upon me.” He cried out, “Have mercy, have mercy!” You won’t cry that if you feel like you’re self sufficient. If you feel like you’re satisfied with where you are, you will not cry out, “Have mercy upon me!” If I go for very long in my prayer life and don’t find myself crying out to God, and saying, “God, have mercy on me,” I start checking myself and saying, “Hey, what’s wrong with you, buddy? You think you’re self sufficient?” And as Paul told the Galatians, he said, “You started well. Who did hinder you? You started in the Spirit. And now do you think you’re good enough to be able to fulfill your walk with God in the flesh? God forbid. Forget thinking that you can continue in the flesh if you start in the Spirit.” This man called out to Jesus, “Son of David, have mercy on me.” He stopped the whole procession. When Jesus heard that, He stood still. Do you want to get hold of the House of Mercy? Do you want God to stand still for you? It doesn’t take a whole lot of screaming and shouting. It doesn’t take a lot of banging and trying to get through to God. I’m not saying that that may be wrong. That’s just your expression. That’s not going to get a hold of God any more than someone who sits quietly and says “God, I’ve just got to have you mercy.” But you feel it deep on the inside, deep within the heart. That’s what God’s looking for. He said, “I hate every proud way.” God, I pray that if you have to crush me to humble me, then so be it. Just don’t kick me out of the House of Mercy. That’s where I want to stay. Do you want to stay in the House of Mercy? Are you anxious to let somebody talk you out of that house? Let me stay here. It may take thirty eight years, but He’s coming. And He’s got a word of faith to speak to you when He comes. And He’s going to want to hear your answer. You better know what you want. You better know that you need God with all you heart, to purify your mind, to cleanse all your thoughts. His mercy endureth forever.
Rev. Clayton Brown