Hello Dear Prayer!

Hello Dear Prayer!
L. Chancy Gore


Hello again, dear Prayer!

I need you in my life, Prayer! Prayer, I’m looking for  you! Prayer, would you visit us tonight? I love you,
Prayer. Oh Prayer, why do I resist you so much? You have  never forsaken me. You’ve always been there when I  needed you. Prayer, I miss you!

Oh dearest Prayer, we must get back together again! Can  we meet right now Prayer, I need you in my life!

Dear Prayer, you are not a guilt trip, but a God-trip!  You are not a drudgery, but a discovery! You are not a
burden, but a blessing in my life! I’m sorry, Prayer,  for seeing you so wrong so many times!

Hey, Prayer! May I come over to your house right now I  always find comfort when I read your address—the House  of Prayer! It’s been too long since I’ve come to your  house. Oh, Prayer, I miss you so much!

Prayer, you are my place of refuge. You are my place of  relief, release and strength. Oh Prayer, please forgive  me for acting like I know you in front of others, but  then ignoring your whispers when we are alone. Prayer,  would you teach me to do better?

Prayer, I have so many wonderful memories of how you  have helped me so many times on my journey. However, I’m  beginning to realize that you are not in my life just  for the bad times or the rainy times. Oh Prayer, I  realize now that you are in my life for all seasons.

I love you, Prayer! I always have! I’ve not always  understood you. I’ve not always been as close to you as
I need to. But Prayer, I’m changing. The more I get to  know you and stay close to you, I’m changing, Thank you,  Prayer, for being in my life!

So many others have known you and walked with you,  Prayer. I’m so glad I found you too!

Oh Prayer, where have you been all my life! Yes, I know  you’ve always been there. I’m sorry for having time for  everything else and everyone else but you. I’ve had and  taken a lot of time to play, but not as much time to  pray. I’ve spent endless hours on youtube, the web,  playing vii or with my phone, while you waited for me. I  know there is a time for such things, but Prayer, I’ve  left you in the corner way too many times.

Prayer, thanks for all you’ve taught me this far! I’ve  heard others talk about you and describe how wonderful  you are. Oh Prayer, I’m so thankful I’ve finally met you  for myself.

Prayer, sometimes I realize that you go by your other  names. Supplication, Intercession or Intercessory Prayer  is what I sometimes call you.

Oh Prayer, you’ve broken down strongholds in my life and  mind. You’ve cleansed my thoughts and given me  direction. You’ve helped me to get back up again. You’ve  helped me to not quit. You’ve helped me heal and find  hope again.

I do not know a lot of things in this life, but Prayer,  I do know you!

Dear Prayer! Please tell Fasting hello for me. My spirit  is telling me that I need to draw closer to Fasting as  well. Prayer, I know that you and Fasting are closely  connected. I look forward to meeting with you both more  often.

Prayer, you are my wings. You are my de-stressor. You  are my faith builder. You are my life! You are my
lifeline to Jesus my God.

Oh Prayer, I will never let you get this far away from  me again.

Hello Prayer! I’m glad to be at your House again.  Prayer, I’m here for you to teach me to pray, worship
and fast. I’m here for you to teach me to minister to  the Lord.

I love you, Prayer! You are not a program, but my  passion and place of refuge. Oh Prayer, it’s good to be
back home!

Hello, dear Prayer!

L. Chancy Gore, Senior Pastor
The Refuge Church of the Lake Cities

The above article, “Hello Dear Prayer!” is written by L.  Chancy Gore. The article was excerpted from page 19 of  Apostolic Sentinel magazine.

The material is most likely copyrighted and should not  be reprinted under any other name or author. However,  this material may be freely used for personal study or  research purposes.