Historical Fiction with an Apostolic Twist (Newsletter 3-5)

Historical Fiction with an Apostolic Twist

What better way to enhance entertaining and inspirational stories of Christian fiction than by blending Apostolic doctrine throughout the tales? Sis. Lori Wagner, a licensed minister and author who resides in Clarkston, Michigan, has done that with The Briar Hollow Series (trilogy). As a bestselling author of 19 books, she has added historical fiction to her repertoire of writings.

When Sis. Wagner was asked what led her to write historical fiction, she replied, “The Lord took me by surprise with this endeavor. My family and I were driving down the road from Michigan to Kentucky on vacation. As we passed road signs, the names became characters and locations in my mind. I wrote down what was coming to me, and by the time we returned home, I had the concept and characters for the first book in The Briar Hollow Series.”

To get doctrinal material to fit into the stories, the characters include people of faith and people in crisis and transition. “Their conversations, interactions and experiences provided plenty of opportunity to enhance the stories with doctrinal and inspirational pieces as well as interesting historical information,” explained Sis. Wagner.

There is a principal message in each book. “The first book in the series, The Rose of Sharon, deals primarily with the idea that life comes with both roses and thorns, and it is beautiful even when things don’t turn out the way we hope or plan,” she said. “Buttercup has a mystery twist to it and a theme of second chances and forgiveness. Marigold delves into the realities of racism and prejudice and ends with a beautiful revelation of the oneness of God.”

The Briar Hollow Series is geared for ages 12 and up. The series is being received by Apostolics as well as secular readers. “I’m excited to see these books do what I envisioned when I began writing,” said Sis. Wagner. “They are successfully ‘crossing over’ and being well received by Apostolics and others—even some who do not go to church! The series is affirming and encouraging for our ladies, and provides an entertaining, non-threatening outreach/discipleship opportunity for others. More than one reader has expressed regret that the series has come to a close. Maybe someday there will be a spin-off.”

The books are available at the author’s website: www.AffirmingFaith.com. They are also available through the Pentecostal Publishing House and other online distributors such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The books are $14.95 each, but on the Affirming Faith website the three-book series is available for $40, which includes free shipping.

Sis. Wagner is a licensed itinerant minister, an author, a teacher, an evangelist and public speaker. Her works include The Pure Path Series (discipleship and Christian growth for girls), and Holy Intimacy (dwelling with God in the secret place). Her most recent projects include a board game and Wisdom is a Lady (a small-group resource that includes video teaching sessions.) Lori and her husband, Bill, are active in their local church and community. They have four children.
For more information, contact Sis. Wagner via her website.