Home Bible Study Do’s & Don’ts


Home Bible Study Do’s & Don’ts
By: J. E. Yonts


1. Take a lot of love (study & pray).

2. A couple should go together to teach a couple.

3. A man to teach a man.

4. The most dedicated Christians should be teaching. (like begats like)

5. Take a miniature chart (if possible) let them write scriptures and notes on it.

6. Always open and close in prayer.

7. Be prepared.


9. At beginning of each session ask a few questions about last week’s lesson (review).

10. Recommend helpful books – creation, church history, biographies of great Christians.

11. Try to continue the study until completion even if they disagree.

12. Send a “Thank you” note at end of completed study.

13. Follow up.

a. Make spot calls

b. Involve them in social life with you


1. Not more than two (2) studies per week. (You must not neglect the people you teach)

2. Don’t try to read all the scriptures in the lesson.

3. Don’t take too long (45 minutes). If not through, quit and take it up next week.

4. Don’t make it heavy (in depth). Keep it simple. (The objective is to get them saved)

5. Don’t allow yourself to answer judgment questions.

6. Don’t run down their church.

7. Don’t run down any church (be positive).

8. Don’t poke fun at churches.

9. Don’t push YOUR CHURCH DOCTRINE (present Bible truths and allow God to do the rest).

10. Don’t push your church attendance. (You can relate exciting happenings)

11. Don’t answer questions that will be answered in subsequent lessons. (ruins the punch)

12. Don’t argue (absolutely none).

13. Don’t allow interruptive questions.

14. Don’t be too authoritative (leave that to the ministry).

15. Don’t lose your temper.

16. Don’t be sarcastic.

17. Don`t teach baptism at tabernacle study unless you are sure they are ready.

18. Don’t be afraid to admit YOU DON’T KNOW. (Tell them you will bring the answer back next week)

19. Don`t carry the day’s trouble into your lesson.

20. Don’t let your faith weaken when it looks like they are not responding.

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