Home Bible Study Insights

Home Bible Study Insights
Glenn T. Howard, Jr.

As you are undoubtedly aware not all Apostolics are into teaching home Bible studies.  Not even all preachers.  The reasons are many and varied- fear, inconvenience, lack of discipline, etc. But we know that the success of groups such as the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, although their doctrines are a distinct distortion of scripture, is directly related to their unceasing efforts to engage people in personal evangelism.  May I be so bold as to say that in this area their efforts have put the Apostolic movement to shame.

There was a time when merely setting up a tent or “brush arbor” was sufficient to evoke the curiosity of the public and led to people hearing and receiving the truth. With the possible exception of some third world countries, those days are long since past. I would submit that today, in this country, in this hour, personal evangelism is going to be the method of reaching the lost with the truth of Acts. The combination of the power of an anointed apostolic service and the methodology that gets people into the orbit of God’s presence will produce the faith that will culminate in their becoming “born again.” We all know what a truly anointed service is like- no one needs to tell us that. But our methodology is what has tragically fallen short.

In 1 Chronicles 12:32 we are told of men who “understood the times” and thus cast their lot with David as he rose to power. May I submit that there are those within the Apostolic movement who likewise “understand the times” and have come to realize that aggressive personal evangelism via the teaching of home Bible studies is going to the be catalyst that inaugurates the revival that will eventually sweep the earth prior to the second corporeal manifestation of Jesus Christ. While it is true that some, regrettably, could care less, it is also true that others DO care and who, in their understanding of the times, want to be a player. I want to be a player.

In view of all this I am making available to you, at no charge, a CD that contains The Keys of The Kingdom in a windows media format. If you have, for whatever reason, been frustrated in your outreach program, may I suggest that you check this out and see if it is something you can use. If not, toss it. Or better yet, give it to a friend.

This CD is not Hollywood quality, but it gets the point across in no uncertain terms.  To learn more about this study in its entirety, may I suggest you check it out at Return To Acts Ministries at www.rtaministries.org.

One more thing- If you truly desire to be involved in one-on-one personal evangelism, but don’t know how to find potential students, then go to your local THRIFTY NICKEL (or a comparable weekly shopper) and run one or all of the following ads under “miscellaneous.”  You will get a lot of students.  But you had better know your material.

$1000 to anyone who can prove from the Bible the existence of a group of three god-people called “The Holy Trinity” (phone number)

$1000 to anyone who can prove from the Bible that person can be saved by reciting “The Sinner’s Prayer” (phone number)

$1000 to anyone who can prove from the Bible that a person can be saved without being “Spirit-filled” (phone number)

Will someone please explain the meaning of Matthew 7:21-23?  (phone number)

You might have to buy an extra cell phone with a different phone number to receive the calls, but you WILL get calls and you WILL get people to teach.  And it not the harvest white?

This article “Home Bible Study Insights” by Glen T. Howard, Jr. was submitted personally by G. T. Howard. Used by permission.