How Can I Learn More About Foreign Missionaries?


Many times, as Foreign Missions Director of the Louisiana District, I get asked very good questions about missions that I haven’t had the answers to. Sometimes it’s been hard to admit but I don’t have all the answers. As matter of fact, I’m still compiling the questions. But I do appreciate our General Foreign Missions Division under Bruce Howell’s leadership striving to communicate, not only the vision and burden of world missions, but how we as local pastors and churches can use our funds and resources to the fullest potential. Thank you for all you do for the cause of world missions in Louisiana!

1. Do you have anything available on the Internet?

We have two sites available. For Foreign Missions history, ministries, goals, and division-related material, go to. For reports, updates, resource materials, etc., go to In addition to having current reports on our net site, there are also email links within each missionary’s site. We are unable to provide a complete email listing due to security issues in various countries. Also, you may note that some missionaries are not listed, also due to security issues. For more information on an unlisted missionary, email the webmaster. –

2. Are there promotional materials available for our monthly missions awareness Sunday?

If you are a local church or district missions director, Sunday school teacher, Christian educator, or pastor, your name may be placed on our free monthly mailing list. Since 1997 the Foreign Missions Division has been enrolling members for this mailing list that has proved to be a great resource as well as a budding network of contacts for ideas and reports about foreign missions events in North America. To get on the list, contact the Foreign Missions Division via phone or email at the general phone number or email address.

3. How can our church plan a missions trip?

First, make contact with the missionary and express your desire to visit his field. Some missionaries will invite pastors to come and preach a conference, camp meeting or Bible school graduation or request help to complete a project sponsored by that church.

Second, be sure to turn in a list of expenditures to the Foreign Missions Division to receive award credit for the expenses incurred during the trip. A trip credit form is available through the missionary you visit or through the Secretary of Foreign Missions.

4. How can I learn more about the Foreign Missions Division?

There are several publications available that will acquaint and educate you about the work of the Foreign Missions Division. Most of them are provided free of charge to donors participating in the Partners In Missions program.

– The Foreign Missions Insight is published every two years and contains information about missionaries and both reached and unreached countries around the world. It is automatically sent to all ministers and can be sent to anyone who requests it for a small fee. It is a good tool for missions directors, Sunday school teachers, and Christian schools.

– The World Harvest Today is published quarterly and is available to all Partners In Missions as well as through the local church. This magazine contains current reports, special articles, a prayer calendar,
and various other missions related information.

– Each month, a double-sided newsletter, Focal Points is included with each donor’s PIM statement. It contains missions stories, project needs, and victory reports.

– Quarterly missionary Partners In Missions newsletters are sent from the Foreign Missions Division as they become available directly from the missionary. All donors for each missionary will receive a
newsletter as often as they are prepared

– Each month the Pentecostal Herald contains a special foreign missions report. Under the “Worldline” banner, you will be able to read about exciting news from the foreign field.

– New in 2002 is a quarterly promotion CD which contains at least three Powerpoint presentations to be used in various ways during the quarter for missions promotion. There is no charge for the CD, but a
donation will be gladly accepted.

– On the internet, we have two sites that may be of assistance. For general divisional information, please go to. For missionary reports, tracts, maps, flags, deputation scheduling, and more, go to