How Do You Measure Success in Women’s Ministry?

How Do You Measure Success in Women’s Ministry?
Chris Adams

Leaders often ask, “What’s most important?” The answer is develop committed Christ followers.

Making disciples comes down to women experiencing a dynamic, growing relationship with Jesus. Women’s ministry helps create an environment for this continuous transformation.

Observing and measuring spiritual transformation is not easy. In some cases change is occurring, but we are not observing it, leading some to underestimate effectiveness and miss the powerful encouragement testimonies of successful transformation can provide. In other cases, growth is minimal, but our lack of effectiveness goes unnoticed because we are measuring the wrong things.

To more accurately observe and measure transformation, we must first identify the marks of a committed, growing disciple. What does a fully committed follower of Christ look like? These descriptions are based on the Bible’s description of a growing disciple. They are designed to help you measure transformation and help women evaluate personal spiritual growth.

Marks of a Committed Disciple
o She abides in Jesus’ words by living in obedience (John 15:10, 14).
o She demonstrates transformation.
o She is becoming more obedient.
o She is accountable to other believers.
o She is growing in godly love.
o She deals with disagreements in a healthy way.
o She affirms new members/visitors.
o She bears eternal fruit (John 15:8).
o She lives more for the kingdom and less for worldly things.
o The fruit of the Spirit is becoming more evident in her life.
o She is growing in a lifestyle of prayer.
o She eagerly prays for others and follows up on requests.
o She lives every day for God’s glory.
o She testifies of God’s work in her.
o She invites others to ministry events.
o She knows and uses her spiritual gifts (1 Peter 4:10).
o She finds her place of service.
o She makes new disciples.
o She is becoming equipped to share Christ in her daily life.
o She is involved in local and global missions and ministry.

What other characteristics have you noticed in the women you lead as they grow in their faith? In the comments below, tell us more about how you’ve seen them grow in spiritual maturity. We’d love to celebrate the Lord’s work in their lives along with you!

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