Dave Smith

I. Capture The Fleeting

A. As an idea comes in your mind, you must be ready to capture it

B. Whatever you are doing, lay it aside and give your attention to the idea that comes in your mind

C. You should have a note card or pad of paper near you at all times so you can jot down some notes on the thoughts that come to your mind

D. When a good idea comes, jot it down

E. Not every idea will have value, of course

F. The point is to capture first and evaluate later

II. Daydream

A. Get away from the distractions of life and allow your mind to drift uncluttered

B. Anywhere you can be with your thoughts undisturbed, you’ll find that ideas bubble to the surface almost unbidden

III. Seek Challenges

A. Get around a new diverse set of people and listen to them

B. Something said may get you thinking in new ways

C. These do not have to be people knowledgeable in your area

D. Read publications and books and these may deposit ideas in your mind

E. Go to conferences and read any literature that may trigger thoughts to set you in motion

IV. Expand Your World

A. Read, study and observe different fields of study

B. To enhance your creativity, learn something new

C. Read a book on something you know little about

D. Change your daily newspaper

E. The new will interconnect with the old in novel and potentially fascinating ways

F. Being creative is really just a matter of paying attention to that endless flow of ideas you generate, and learning to capture and act upon the new that’s within you.

The above material was written by Dave Smith. This material may be copyrighted and should be used for study and research purposes only.