How To Get a Home Bible Study

How To Get a Home Bible Study
By D.L. Fitch

In the course of making friendly conversation with a friend, relative, fellow-worker, or new acquaintance, casually


…friendly questions about their family & occupation, leading to religious subjects:

* “Do you go to church anywhere?” if not, “did you ever go?”

* “What is your experience with the Lord?” or, “What are your personal beliefs?”

* “Do you study the bible much?” or “Have you ever studied the bible?”

* “Have you ever gone through it from the beginning to the end?”

Are you interested in studying the bible?
(Do not wait for answer)


…them enthusiastically on the beauty & simplicity of the course – expectantly:

* “I have found a great study going from Genesis through Revelation”

* “It covers the highlights of the old & new testaments simply and clearly”

* “It only takes about one hour per week for around ten weeks”
* “It’s free, I won’t ask you to join our church & you can discontinue anytime.”

Would you like to get together for a study?
(Now, wait for answer)


…your goal in mind (to involve them in a Bible Study as soon as possible):

* “What is a god day for you? What is a convenient time to have it?”

* “Is your house a good place? I’ll arrange to take care of the children.”

* “Can I please have your name, address, and phone number?”

* “Give or send a brochure. Call same day of study to confirm appointment.”

Note: If they say, “no”, respond kindly with: “I understand if you change your mind, I’ll be happy to give one.”