How To Get An Extra Hour Out Of Every Day

By Dave Smith

I. Make Up And Follow A Detailed Daily Schedule

II. Get Up Earlier (Psalm 57:8, Proverbs 8:17)

III. Begin The Day With Bible Reading And Prayer

IV. Avoid Wasting Time By “Jawing” With Other People At Church

V. Avoid Allowing Others To Waste Your Time When There Is No Real Need Gracefully slip away

VI. Organize Your Work; Do It Systematically

VII. Make Wise, Creative Use Of Your Lunch Time

A. Take something to read

B. Take a note card and jot down ideas and pressing things you have to accomplish

VIII. Delegate Authority And Responsibilities Whenever Possible

IX. Don’t Spend Time On Unimportant Phone Calls

X. Spend Less Time “Talking Ministry” With Others

XI. Think First; Then Do The Job

This will allow you to be efficient

XII. Do Instead Of Dream

XIII. Find The Time Of Day When You Are Most Alert Mentally And Do Your Hardest Work Then

XIV. Eliminate Activities Which Make Little Contribution To The Best Results For Your Life

XV. Try To Remember The Importance Of Others In Your Daily Activities

XVI. Always Do The Toughest Job First

XVII. Before Each Major Act, Ask Yourself, “Is This Really Necessary?”

XVIII. Use Spare Moments To Read Constructive Literature

XIX. Sleep Soundly And Then Work Refreshed (Psalm 127:2)

XX. Skip Desserts; The Sugar Will Dull Your Thinking

XXI. Write Notes And Letters While Waiting On Others

XXII. Combine Tasks When Possible

XXIII. Be Prompt For All Appointments And Meetings

XXIV. Lay Out Your Clothes The Night Before

XXV. Learn To Relax And Avoid Worry (Philippians 4:6)

XXVI. Concentrate On What You Are Doing

XXVII. Learn To Do Things While Watching Television

XXVIII.Call On Specialists When You Have A Special Problem Or Need

XXIX. Learn To Read More Rapidly And Read Often

XXX. Do Not Make A “Production” Out Of Every Task

XXXI. Have Times In Which You Work Uninterrupted

XXXII. Take On One Job At A Time

XXXIII.Search Out Short Cuts In Every Task

XXXIV. Know Your Limitations

XXXV. Work At Your Top Capacity

XXXVI. Do Everything For Jesus!

The above material is used by permission of Larry Hipps. This material may be copyrighted and should be used for study and research purposes only.