How To Have A Successful “Big Day”

How To Have A Successful “Big Day”

I Let God Lead

Set realizable goals that can be met with God’s help and plenty of work

II Pray Long And Hard Well In Advance About A BIG DAY

A Pray about every aspect – people’s hearts to work toward a BIG DAY, extra buses, finances, many extra workers, promotions to be used, etc.

B Lead your key people to pray individually

C Announce to the church and have them pray collectively

D Have bus workers gather for prayer meetings

E Set a goal and pray God will allow you to have victory

III Line Up All Promotional Items Well In Advance In Adequate Quantities You should not fail to give out what you promised

IV Let Your People Know That A Lot Of Visitation Will Be Required VISIT, VISIT, and VISIT!

V Spend Time With “Clown Teams” On Each Route A Number Of Evenings In Advance Of A BIG DAY

A Have plenty of flyers to hand out

B Get all names and addresses of all prospective riders for your BIG DAY.

Make sure you get parent’s permission at that time

C The “clown team” will pull the kids out of the woodwork” so you can tell them what you’re doing

The clown could be in any kind of costume — dressed character that could be used to draw people out to meet you

D Go in a church van or bus that is lettered on the outside so people can tell where you are from
VI Give Advance Tickets To Your Event Starting 4 To 5 Weeks Before The BIG DAY SUNDAY

A Give tickets based on faithfulness in attendance and bringing visitors

B Try to get the visitors to start coming and encourage them to bring visitors

VII As You Come To Friday And Saturday Of The BIG DAY, Have Your Captains Visit All Regulars, Visitors And Prospects

A Have large quantities of flyers

B Talk to all parents since pickup and drop-off times will all be altered from the normal times

C Tell kids to bring cousins, friends, etc.

D Try and commit parents to come

E Answer all questions

VIII Make Sure You Have Everything Lined Up And All Extra Workers Well Informed Of Their Role

A Always remember “anything that can go wrong, probably will go wrong.” The best way to overcome this is to contact and re-contact workers to “shore everything up.”

B Make sure everybody is clear on their role of service. If you fail here, you will generate a lot of confusion, The extra workers will “bad-mouth” your BIG DAY and when you schedule another BIG DAY, no one will volunteer to help. The opposite is also true. When everything is well organized, things go smoothly and great numbers of people are saved as a result of your BIG DAY, people will look forward to the next one.

IX Make Sure The Results Are Presented To The Church And Outstanding Performances Are Recognized

A Use the pulpit

B Use the church bulletin

C Send a nice “thank you” letter to all regular and extra workers that helped on the BIG DAY

X In All Your Public Recognition Of People Make Sure God Receives The Greatest Glory

A lot of human effort was certainly put in, but don’t forget, without God blessing it and speaking to hearts, none of it would be possible

XI Have An Immediate Emphasis On Baptism To Try And Have Large Numbers Of Converts Baptized The Following Couple Of Weeks

A Make sure you have proper lists of converts for all bus captains

B Make sure you, as the bus director, are also helping in the effort

C Success in this area will add “icing to the cake.” This is very important.

Outline “How To Have A Successful ‘Big Day’” written by an Unknown Author is taken from an Unknown Source.

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”