How To Properly Plan

By Unknown Author

PLANNING is a process with rewards.

* Planning is Biblical: Proverbs 13:16; 13:19; 14:8; 16:3;16:9;19:2;20:18.

* Planning may be define as

…Predetermining a course of action

…Tomorrow mindedness; Trends to watch

1. Sociology
2. Ecclesiastics
3. Technology
4. Politics
5. Economy

…Throwing a net over tomorrow to cause to happen what we choose

* The characteristics of Planning

…Decisions are made prior to action

1. The older I become the more I resist change.
2. The less I read the more I resist change.
3. The more provincial I am the more I resist change.

…Affects future behavior of people

…Change is involved

* The “Hang-ups” in Planning

…Ignorance–it has never been done

…People are activists rather than thinkers

…Uncertain of the future

…Lack of imagination, initiative, courage

* Principles of Planning

…Today’s decisions will liberate or inhibit tomorrow’s actions

…The longer the plan projection, the more room for variation

…The greater the change offered by the plan, the greater potential resistance by people involved

* Planning should involve long and short range objectives

…Long Range–looking ahead as far as we can and building a picture of the end results we want to accomplish

…Short Range–determining the immediate and soon-to-come activities necessary to accomplish the long range end results

* Structure of Planning

…The higher the level in the organization, the broader must be the scope of planning

…The higher the level in the organization, the further must be the projection of planning

* How to Plan

…”Take people action.”

Don’t assume it takes a vote!

…Condition–provide information and answers

…Time–do not surprise people or push too soon


“People don’t plan to fail–they just fail to plan.”

Sheraton-Park Hotel News

“The difference between the church that does everything “decently and in order” and the confused, disturbed church is due largely to Spirit- led planning.”

Gaines S. Dobbins

(The original source and/or publisher of the above material is unknown.)

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