How to Seek Him


By John P. French

God is far more interested in developing a relationship with us that we are with Him. The primary purpose of a personal spiritual retreat, then, is to get in touch with the reality of God’s great love for you, just as you are.

Jesus was in constant touch with his Father — doing only what the Father did, speaking only what the Father spoke. Yet He knew the necessity of turning aside on regular occasions, for a few hours, an entire night (or day), or several days for solitude, silence and prayer.

When you take a spiritual retreat, you are following in the Lord’s footsteps, seeking God on His terms.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to learn is how to distinguish His voice from the many voices of your own soul that compete for attention. The enemy will try to direct your busy thoughts and ideas to keep you from being ministered to by the Holy Spirit.

Patient waiting on God is a must. You will want to be silent during at least some of your time away. Most people on retreat experience only one or two moments of revelation, though the rest of the time brings
peace. Lay aside your preconceived notions. If you go with your agenda, He can’t give you His.

Sit quietly and relax each part of your body. Hand all those thoughts which try to interfere right over to Him, (If they persist, write them on the back page of your journal for later attention.)

Begin verbalizing your love for God. Praise Him. Thank Him. Sing to Him.

Bible reading will lead you into the presence of God. Read for the rhema (what God is saying to you through it), not just the logos (to study it). This is not the time to seek knowledge or answers to your
questions. Listen for what God wants to say to you.

Keep journalizing at all times. Date each entry. This will become a cherished record that you will want to refer to in the future. Write about your feelings. Some of them, especially at the beginning, may be
jarring, associated with memories or long since forgotten thoughts. The things you write down are for your eyes only. Keep writing what is on your heart.

Write down a verse from your Bible reading and its reference, then start writing whatever the Lord speaks to you about the verse. Don’t stop to analyze or pay attention to spelling or grammar. Just keep writing.

The Holy Spirit may give you visions or images. Write them down even though they may not make sense at the time. Take them seriously, asking Him to reveal what Jesus wants to say through them. Begin to write
exactly what He says, using first person, as if He is speaking directly to you. Continue until you feel He is finished. He is not in a hurry and there is nothing to be gained by trying to rush.

internalize what God has given you through the Bible and the spoken word, Meditate on it. Cry over it. Own it. Accept it. In this way, you will discover how much he loves you.

Most problems in walking with God stem from our inability to fully understand and accept His great personal love for us. When you do receive that love, it is the pearl of great price. Indeed, the love of
Jesus Christ is the only thing that can sustain your spiritual journey through the months after your retreat.

(The above material was published by THE BREAKTHROUGH INTERCESSOR.)

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