How to Start a Men’s Prayer Meeting

How to Start a Men’s Prayer Meeting
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If you would like to start a prayer meeting that attracts the men in your church, try including some of the following in your meeting:

*Passion and Cause: With men passion and cause are everything. Many times a guy will not come to a prayer meeting unless he perceives there’s a cause. Every guy wants to have an adventure, win a battle. This is the way God made them. His battle might be abortion or a national issue like the war.

*Prayer Targets: Men are task oriented. When you give them specific prayer targets, they walk out feeling like they accomplished something. Since they have prayed specifically, when answers come everyone knows God has answered. One idea is to use a 10 Most Wanted List, usually used to list the top ten people for whom you are praying to come to the Lord.

*Five minute chunks: To hold the attention of many men, you have to keep the prayer meeting moving. Derek Packard, leader of The Call to War prayer meeting in Colorado Springs, recommends building your prayer meetings around five minute chunks of time for each of the following: worship, personal reflection, small group prayer, individual led prayer from the microphone.

*The Agenda: Men like to know what’s going to happen, who is going to lead prayer next and for what topic. Make an agenda and give it to each man in the meeting or project the agenda on a screen using an overhead projector or PowerPoint. The more men you can involve in the process, the more they will take ownership.

*Matching prayers and calling. Get men praying for the things they know about: their careers, passions and hobbies. If one man is a medical doctor he can pray for the field of medicine with authority.

*Leadership: Strong male leadership draws men to the prayer meeting. In churches where male pastors talk about their own prayer life and lead exciting prayer meetings, a greater number of men participate. One suggestion is to find three or four influential key men in the church who are already praying. Ask them to form the leadership team to start a men’s prayer meeting or to draw more men to an existing prayer meeting.

*Promotion: Men won’t carry a flier around, but they are accustomed to carrying business cards. Design a business card that has the name and location of the church as well as the time of the prayer meeting. Pass our cards for the next prayer meeting and encourage men to invite a buddy or bring their son to the next meeting.

*If your church isn’t quite ready foramen’s prayer meeting, try rallying men to form a pastor’s prayer force to pray for the pastor or a gatekeepers group to walk through the church on Sunday morning and prayer for the children and youth.


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