How To Teach Home Bible Studies

How To Teach Home Bible Studies
By Doug Joseph

The following outline makes an excellent training lesson for teaching your home Bible study teachers.

I Create The Atmosphere

A Quiet – A necessity

1 Some people like to have a little “noise” all day! Turn off, or ask to have turned off, all radios, TV, cassette decks, etc. (“Turned down” is not good enough.)

2 If possible, teach the H.B.S. away from all phones.

B Comfortable – If people are uncomfortable, their minds will be on their discomfort, not on God or the Bible.

1 Comfortable chairs set around a table are best. This allows everyone to sit comfortably and have a place to set their Bible and notebooks, etc. A dining table is best, but a coffee table will do. Using their lap should be a last resort.

C Free Of Distractions

1 You must take steps to make sure that small children are taken care of in another location.

2 You must take steps to make sure that pets are taken care of so that they will not interrupt.

3 Oddly enough, some people may think that they can take care of some other ongoing situation while simultaneously meeting “informally” for H.B.S. They may try to work at something or conduct personal business during the study, thus giving less than their full attention. While they may not realize how detrimental this is, you must! In such a case, explain that the Word of God (the Bible) deserves their full attention. (i.e.: It is NOT a good idea to let someone try to cook dinner while they are supposed to be having a H.B.S.)

4 Try to help them focus their attention on God and His word, so that lesser important worries and concerns won’t distract them.

D Assume Leadership Of The Home Bible Study

1 You are the H.B.S. teacher; you should know what is to occur, how and why. If you do not know, no one else will. If you come across as confused and directionless the people present will perceive it.

2 If you are not in control, nothing will be accomplished. (How can you influence a person to pray to God for the Holy Ghost and let you baptize them in water if you can’t even influence them enough to sit down and read the word of God with you?) Be BOLD. Take control and lead the Study!

3 You must make sure that any necessary preparations are handled. It is this simple-if you don’t do it, IT WON’T GET DONE.

4 Some are polite and will turn off the TV, etc., and automatically yield to your leadership. But sometimes, these common courtesies will not even occur to people. After all, they do “everything else” with these items blaring through their home. We know what will greatly hinder a person in devoting their full attention to God’s Word, but they may not. This is where your leadership is crucial. People will naturally follow the directions of a leader who is calm, confident and kind. It will make them feel at ease.

5 At times, you may have to assert yourself to gain control. It is necessary to do so.

6 You may run up against demonic spiritual influence; you will have authority over it. Bulldoze the devil; lead people.

II Opening Prayer

A Always Start With Prayer

1 Have everyone bow their head and you lead the prayer. They may not pray out loud; don’t let this hinder you.

2 Pray for anointing, guidance, wisdom and help and mean it.

3 Don’t just pray-PRAY! Talk in tongues if you feel the liberty to do so. (Some people are skeptical about speaking in tongues; if you feel a check in your spirit, don’t pray in tongues until after the H.B.S.)

III A Few Minutes Of Casual Conversation; Get Acquainted

A Know Your Candidate(s) – Now is a good time to get information (remember what is said and use it later when teaching the H.B.S.).

1 You need to find out:

i Their church background, if any (denomination, etc.)

ii Whether or not they have ever served God in any capacity.

iii Are they serving God now and to what capacity?

iv Have they ever been baptized, and if so, where, how and by whom?

v Have they ever received the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues?

vi Where do they work, what kind of work, career status, etc.

vii Age, marital status, family background, etc.

viii Have they repented; are they trying to live a repentant life?

2 Try to gauge their level of spiritual hunger and spiritual maturity.

3 The above information will let you know what needs to be taught, compared to what they already know.

i Most people LOVE to talk about themselves, and this will make them feel comfortable. After all, who do they know more about than themselves?

ii Almost never do people feel that you are being nosy. Generally, they are always impressed with your concern-that you’re genuinely interested in them.

iii Some people will talk so much that you’ll have to politely interrupt them to start the H.B.S.; on the other hand, others are so backward they’ll give nothing but “one-word” answers, and you’ll have to ask a separate question for each piece of information.

4 The reason the information is needed is to help set goals for the H.B.S., to prevent wasted time and increase effectiveness.


IV Teach The Study

A Speak Loudly And Enunciate Clearly

B Use Visual Illustrations If Possible (Charts, Drawings, Etc.)

C Give Examples Using Situations And Circumstances Of Our Day – This is what Jesus (the greatest teacher of all time) did.

D Throw In A Joke Or Two – never lose your sense of humor. You’ll need it, and you’ll love some of the funny things that will happen to you while teaching H.B.S.’s.

E Don’t Ignore Distractions, And Certainly Don’t Try To Teach Through Them Unless You’re Forced To – Stop and take care of the problem, then continue. If they try to listen to you teach while something else is distracting them, it will be much more distracting than simply stopping to fix the problem.

F Make Sure They’re Finding The Scriptures And That They’re Actually Reading Out Of Their Bible – not just listening to you. The Word is more effective if they SEE IT IN BLACK AND WHITE!

G Don’t Be Too Long – aim to be finished in an hour.

H Choose Your Approach And Stick To It – DON’T CHASE RABBITS.

I. Always Use Wisdom, Tact And Caution

J Be Bold With The Truth – don’t beat down other denominations by name.

K Include The Information You Gathered Earlier In The H.B.S. – (i.e.: Concentrate on the things they need to learn.)

L You Must Create In Their Mind A Consciousness Of:

1 God

2 Eternity (Heaven/Hell)

3 Sin (their lost condition and need for God)

4 The Gospel (Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and our obedient-faith response, which is our repentance [death], baptism in Jesus’ name [burial], and receiving the Holy Ghost [resurrection])

5 Other rewards for righteousness

6 Other recompenses for evil

7 Finally, teach them that “no choice” IS a choice of NO!! Teaching a
H.B.S. is not your goal. Your goal is to make people want to serve God and go to heaven. It is only after this that you can tell them HOW. Talk about it until their mouth waters.

M Use Personal Testimony

N Put Things In A Way That They Can Understand – make it hit home; avoid “churchy” terms which will only sound like “jargon.”

O Finish By Asking Them If They Can See The Truth In Their Bible – Ask if they want to obey what they have seen.

1 “Can you see that the scriptures teach that you must repent in order to be saved?” (Their answer must be “yes.”)

2 “Can you see that the Biblical way to be baptized is by immersion in water in the Name of JESUS, and that this water birth is necessary to be saved?” (They must answer “yes,” you just showed them in the word of God!)

3 “Can you see that the scriptures teach that you must receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost to be saved, and that in the BIBLE when people received the Holy Ghost, they spoke in other tongues?” (Again, they must answer “yes!”)

4 “Do you want to obey these steps; if so, are you ready now?”

P “Close The Deal”

1 Right on the spot, pray with them and help them repent (if they haven’t already).

NOTE Steps #2 and #3 can be done in either order. There is scripture for water preceding Spirit and vice versa.

2 Arrange to get them water baptized as soon as possible!!

3 Pray them through to the baptism of the Holy Ghost!!

4 Shout Awhile


Q “Famous Last Words”

1 Before you leave, arrange the date, time and location of the next H.B.S.

2 Encourage them in their walk with God.



This article “How To Teach Home Bible Studies” written by Doug Joseph is excerpted from Secrets To Home Bible Study Success: Teacher Certification Course written by Doug Joseph.